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Top Stick. Who knows how long this stuff has been around, but you can bet dudes with hairpieces love this stuff? And now you can too. While it was designed to hold toupees on men's heads, Top Stick has been used in commercials to hold things in place for product shots, to keeping J-left and J-Right undercover when Jennifer Lopez wore that green dress (don't pretend not to understand), to making toy with soft goods look better. That's right, Top Stick has been used in toy commercials for many years, and if it's good enough for Barbie you can bet your crazy Aunt Ginny that it's good for your Sideshow figures too.

Top Stick is just adhesive enough to hold things together, but not so much that it will cause damage, but because of its pliable nature, it will hold even after you pose and repose your figure? Not something scotch tape will do.