Fiction books represent the stories within the Star Wars universe, also called the Expanded Universe. The adaptations of the films, the spin off novels for adults and kids all fit within this category. If it deals with the characters from the Star Wars Saga, you'll find it here.


These titles feature the newly canonized Expanded Universe, following the acquisition of Lucasfilm by the Walt Disney Group. On April 25, 2014 it was announced that previous Expanded Universe content was to be rebranded with the Star Wars Legends banner. Moving forward, the Lucasfilm Story Group would now ensure that all comics, books, games and other media would not contradict each other in their release. Star Wars: A New Dawn was the first book released under this new media plan.

HARDCOVER - United States
Star Wars: A New Dawn Star Wars: Tarkin Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi Star Wars: Lords of the Sith Star Wars: Dark Disciple Star Wars: Aftermath Star Wars: Battlefront - Twilight Company Star Wars: Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away Volume 1 – Aliens
PAPERBACK - United States
Star Wars: Tarkin Star Wars: The Rise of the Empire Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi Star Wars: Lords of the Sith

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