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Star Wars FX Jacket (L)

Limited to 750 worldwide

$349.00  (+ S&H)

Star Wars: A New Hope FX Jacket (L)

This high-tech letterman jacket is the ultimate Star Wars collectible gear! The epic battle scene from Star Wars: A New Hope is recreated in rich, colorful embroidery on the back of the garment. A flexible fiber optic screen woven into the fabric electronically animates the scene using a patented optical display system.
The galactic clash between Darth Vader in his Tie Fighter and a Rebel X-wing pilot is brought to life by thousands of brilliant, multi-color points of light controlled by an integrated computer chip and a 9-volt battery pack concealed in the pocket.
With the flick of a switch, more than 2100 implanted fibers and 20 LED?s illuminate sequentially to bring the chase, the simulated star field and laser-like blasts from Vader?s ship into action.
The jacket looks, feels, and wears like a conventional letterman-style jacket when not activated. You decide when and where to trigger the 25-second animated light sequence.
Constructed of 75% Melton wool/20% nylon/5% other fibers with sleeves made of supple napa leather. The two deep front pockets are also trimmed in leather.
Quilted lining for added warmth and heavy-duty snap closures. Banded sleeves and waist for a comfortable fit.
Fiber optic embroidery durable in all types of weather.
An official Star Wars collectible created by Master Replicas and licensed by Lucasfilm Ltd.
Dry clean only.
Available in men?s sizes M, L, XL & XXL.


Collectible Story

Q: How does the FX display system work?

A: This patented optical display system is illuminated by fiber optic threads, which are sewn into the embroidery to create fascinating effects and bring the scene to life. A small, thin electronic pack that powers the effect is hidden in the lining of the jacket. A small switch attached to a battery pack hidden in the pocket allows you to turn it on when you desire. It is durable, water resistant and dry cleanable.

Q: What powers the FX display?

A: The FX display is powered by common 9-volt household batteries hidden in the pocket. Batteries will last for 40-60 hours of continuous use. You activate the FX display with a switch on the battery pack.

Q: Can I be electrocuted if I am caught in the rain wearing my FX jacket?

A: No, you cannot. The FX display system does not generate sufficient current to electrocute you. Since it is powered by 9-volt batteries, it would be difficult to impossible to actually get shocked. Batteries cannot produce a large current in a human body because the skin is too resistive.

In addition to being incapable of electrocuting you, the FX display system does not generate any measurable electromagnetic radiation, including RF radiation. In fact, the electronic chips in the FX display are the same types found in electronic watches so it is perfectly safe to wear close to the body.

Q: Do I have to replace light bulbs when the FX display burns out?

A: The "bulbs" do not burn out. The FX display is not powered by conventional light bulbs, but by light emitting diodes (LED's) that have very long lifetimes. Light emitting diodes do not contain filaments so they cannot burn out from abuse or wear and tear and can last five to ten years. The FX display also generates no heat. It is perfectly safe to touch with your bare skin.