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Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club (One Year - U.S.)

"This one-year membership brings you the greatest benefits package ever assembled for fans. When you sign up you Hyperspace - the ultimate online Star Wars destination, including such exclusive content and features as... Classic Trilogy photos, articles and other treasures from the Lucasfilm archives Audiocast downloadable sound clips, interviews, and original content Exclusive video -- like the full Clone Wars micro-series, TV ads, and more Star Wars-themed email address email alerts when your favorite collectibles become available much more... Star Wars Insider magazine - Six bi-monthly issues of the new and improved Star Wars Insider, with exclusive photos, in-depth articles and fascinating coverage of Star Wars, all in a collectible formatCollector Benefits - Get VIP treatment with discounts on select merchandise, early purchase rights on hot items, and look for exciting exclusive products available only to members.Membership Kit - Includes a letter from George Lucas, a member card, exclusive poster and other unique extrasEvent Benefits - Members can look forward to special treatment at Lucasfilm-attended events and regional member-only events with guest speakers and giveaways. Global Fan Community - Star Wars fans will continue to be the spotlight of Bantha Tracks coverage in the magazine and interactively online. When you order, look for your Hyperspace Access Code on your order confirmation page, and also by email within 24 to 48 hours. Use this code at to gain access to exclusive content, features and product discounts.(Click here for Hyperspace offers outside the U.S.)"


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