Having checked out Sideshow Collectibles' 1/6 scale Dewback creature in our Photo Archive, the Probe Droid is curious whether you'd like to see more creatures offered in their 1/6 scale collection.
Heck yeah! but only the most iconic creatures that interacted directly with our heroes
Give me everything. nothing is too obscure.
I'd get some.
I'm saving all my money for a Rancor with a Sith Witch on its back.
I don't collect the 1/6 stuff, but I like to look at it.
I do collect the 1/6 scale stuff, but I don't want any creatures.
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CV: Official Pix Heads Up Autographs
Posted by TFN on March 16, 2010 at 12:42 PM CST:
It appears that Old Man Winter is finally calling it quits for the season and warmer weather is upon us (at least here in the NY area after the insanely brutal winter we just had). And what better way to usher in the Spring season than with some Star Wars Celebration V news!

Once again, Official Pix will be overseeing the running of the autograph program at CV, which will see the return of the "Fast Path" coupon system that was highly successful at Celebration IV. An excerpt from the new story posted over on StarWars.com is listed below, and you can click HERE for the entire article.

"Autograph fans attending Celebration V in Orlando August 12-15 can look forward to meeting their favorite cast and crew stars from the Star Wars movies, particularly from The Empire Strikes Back, when Official Pix returns to Celebration with a great list of guests.

"We are once again honored to be chosen to produce the autograph program for Lucasfilm, and for Reed Exhibitions at Celebration V," says Ben Stevens, co-owner of Official Pix.

Stevens and Philip Wise, partners in the company, plan to bring guests whose combined careers span all six episodes of the saga, with special attention to guests from The Empire Strikes Back to honor the 30th anniversary of the beloved movie, and from the popular television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars."

And don't forget to visit our official Rebelscum CV Forums to chat all-things CV with your fellow fans!
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