Having checked out Sideshow Collectibles' 1/6 scale Dewback creature in our Photo Archive, the Probe Droid is curious whether you'd like to see more creatures offered in their 1/6 scale collection.
Heck yeah! but only the most iconic creatures that interacted directly with our heroes
Give me everything. nothing is too obscure.
I'd get some.
I'm saving all my money for a Rancor with a Sith Witch on its back.
I don't collect the 1/6 stuff, but I like to look at it.
I do collect the 1/6 scale stuff, but I don't want any creatures.
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CV: The ForceCast Celebration V Fan Party!
Posted by Mike on June 7, 2010 at 07:21 AM CST:
The announcement you've been waiting for is finally here! No episodes VII, VIII and IX have not been announced, but could they really live up to your expectations anyway at this point. The ForceCast Fan Party at Celebration V, on the otherhand, is as sure of a good time as you're gonna find. (Though let's not forget about the TFN CV party as well!) See below for the official announcement and details...

In August of 2010, thousands of Star Wars fans from all over the world will gather in Orlando, Florida for one of the biggest Celebrations of our time. And fans of the ForceCast will gather to show the world how much we love that Galaxy Far, Far Away....

"Celebrate with ForceCast Fans"! Only Lucasfilm could throw a bigger party. Join us, as fans of the number one Star Wars podcast gather together for food, fun, and festivities! Thursday August 12 at the Rosen Centre Hotel, right next to the Orange County Convention Center, we'll party from 7:30-11:30 and enjoy music, games, and prizes! Now is your chance to meet people from all over the world, face to face and share two of our biggest passions: Star Wars & The ForceCast! Tickets are only $39.99 which includes admission, food, and a raffle ticket for a variety of Star Wars prizes.

(click on thumbnail for full view)

To buy your party tickets, you'll need a Paypal account. Visit Paypal's website to sign up. Here are instructions for adding a credit card to your Paypal account.

Once you're set up, click the "Send Money" button at the top of any Paypal page.

In the "To" field, enter jedishua@gmail.com.

In the "Amount" field, enter $39.99 per ticket. (This means that you will need to enter more money if you are buying multiple tickets.) Please buy all the tickets for your party in one order due to processing fees on our end.

When you click "Continue," you'll be taken to a confirmation page. You will see that the recipient (our party-master, Joshua Stolte) is a verified member of Paypal, so no worries there! If you scroll down to the bottom of that page, you will see a space to enter comments that will be emailed to Mr. Stolte.

If you are buying multiple tickets, please note the names of each person in your party, including yourself.

After filling out any additional information on this page, you can submit the order and pay for your ticket.

That's all you need to do! You'll be added to the guest list and our Wookiee bouncer will let you right in the door. We'll see you on August 12th!

1 ticket - $39.99
2 tickets - $79.98
3 tickets - $119.97
4 tickets - $159.96

We would be honored...if you would join us. Stop by the official ForceCast forums at Rebelscum to discuss this newly announced event, as well as anything and everything else pertaining to your weekly ForceCast.


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