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CV: Ticket Price Increase
Posted by TFN on January 30, 2010 at 01:11 PM CST:
If you are currently planning on attending Star Wars Celebration V but have not yet purchased your admission tickets, we have some unfortunate news for you:

Ticket prices across the board have been increased.

Initially, admission tickets were priced as follows on December 10th:

Adult Four-Day Passes: $120
Thursday Passes: $45
Friday Passes: $45
Saturday Passes: $50
Sunday Passes: $45
Kids Four-Day Passes: $50 and One-Day Passes: $25

As of the date of this posting, ticket prices are now listed as follows:

Adult Four-Day Passes: $128
Thursday Passes: $48
Friday Passes: $48
Saturday Passes: $54
Sunday Passes: $48
Kids Four-Day Passes: $54 and One-Day Passes: $27

So if you are still on the fence about buying tickets to CV, you may want to act sooner rather than later to avoid any other potential ticket price hikes.

UPDATE: Lance Fensterman replies via the official CV Blog to the ticket price increase:

"I?ve gotten a number of emails about the change in CV ticket pricing we had to institute this week, so I am certain there are a lot more questions from people that I have not heard from. So here is the straight scoop ? We learned last week that we had to collect state and local taxes on these tickets so we added those taxes to the ticket cost.

Unfortunately, the original pricing on our site was not inclusive of the mandatory Florida state sales tax and Orange County surcharge that we must collect on all ticket sales. So we have now automatically applied that into the pricing posted on our website and made mention that the tax is built in, so you are not caught off guard during the registration process and you know exactly what the final cost will be.

I can assure you that we do not have a sliding scale throughout the months leading up to the show and ticket prices will not increase again until we are onsite. Onsite pricing is also posted on the website (both on the overview page and the tickets page). This will go into effect as soon as the show begins (August 12) both online and at the convention center. You can see the full pricing details by clicking here.

We feel terrible about any confusion, but we did not raise ticket prices whatsoever, rather we were forced to apply tax to the prices to be in compliance with state and local law. I know this is semantics in a sense, but they key is that neither we, nor our partners at Lucas are keeping any of the added ticket price, but rather paying the tax man with those bucks.

We are really sorry that this was added late, but in other states where we run large shows (NY, IL, MA, etc) we have not had to pay tax on tickets so this was a bit of a surprise to us too.

Regardless though we did not mean to cause any confusion at all and our sincerest of apologies if we did, but you have my word that ticket prices will not budge one cent from what we now have posted!"

As for those fans who have already purchased their CV tickets before the price increase went into effect (response posted by Lance in the Comments section of the blog):

"If you purchased a ticket prior to the tax being added on our registraton site you will not be effected at all. In effect we will pay the tax for you. Charging tax to those tickets already purchased was not a choice we ever considered."
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