Having checked out Sideshow Collectibles' 1/6 scale Dewback creature in our Photo Archive, the Probe Droid is curious whether you'd like to see more creatures offered in their 1/6 scale collection.
Heck yeah! but only the most iconic creatures that interacted directly with our heroes
Give me everything. nothing is too obscure.
I'd get some.
I'm saving all my money for a Rancor with a Sith Witch on its back.
I don't collect the 1/6 stuff, but I like to look at it.
I do collect the 1/6 scale stuff, but I don't want any creatures.
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"Cloned To Kill" SW Shirt From Qwertee
Posted by Mike on February 12, 2011 at 10:43 AM CST:
A cool Stormtrooper helmet-designed tee shirt with the text "Cloned to Kill" is about to be available for a very limited run at Qwertee.com. Click on the images above for full views and make sure to read below for a breakdown of what Qwertee.com brings to the table by way of exclusive and affordable limited run offerings.

The shirt goes on sale tonight (Saturday, February 12th) at 11pm GMT/5pm CST and will be available for 3 days until 11pm/5pm CST on Tuesday February 15th.

While Qwertee.com offerings are already rather affordable, TFN and Rebelscum readers can enter the promo code theforce for additional savings!

When it comes to the world of online t-shirt stores Qwertee.com is a little bit different in that we are the UK and indeed Europe?s first daily t shirt store. Qwertee is very simple: we sell one t shirt, for one day only, for one incredible price. Every day at 11pm we put a new tee on sale for 24 hours only (or less if it sells out) for the amazing price of ?8/?10/about $13. Our shirts are about as limited edition as you could imagine: after 24 hours they are gone from Qwertee forever, never to return again. So if you see a tee you like you need to act fast before it is too late!

We work with some of the finest artists/designers both local and international to bring you an amazing new design every day of the year. But rather than deciding what to print ourselves, it is the Qwertee community members that decide what we print. Artists submit their designs, Qwertee users vote for what they like and the most popular designs are printed and put on sale for 24 hours. The artist then gets paid a ?1 commission for every shirt that sells. We welcome all kinds of designs on Qwertee: from funny, pop culture and parody to more serious artwork. Qwertee wants to offer something for everybody and with the shirt a day system, the next design is never far away, so you?ll always find something that suits you.

Though our shirts cost a mere ?8/?10 (less if you use our discount codes) they are ethically produced, made of supersoft 100% ringspun cotton and are hand printed locally in the UK/Ireland. They also feature screen printed tags and are shipped in environmentally friendly 100% degradable bags. These are the kind of features you?d normally associate with much more expensive tees but it is just a small part of Qwertee?s commitment to providing you with a great quality product at a ridiculously low price. We ship to everywhere in the world and our shipping rates (from ?1.35 with ?3 worldwide delivery) are the best around.

As well as our commitment to amazing tees we also aim to provide the best service of anywhere you have ever shopped, online or otherwise. When it comes to customer service, we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy. We provide you with detailed sizing charts and comparisons with popular brands to make sure you get a great fitting shirt. We offer free returns and will reply to your emails within 24 hours or less, even at the weekends.

Finally we like to think of Qwertee as being one of the friendliest online communities so whether you want to check out today?s design, talk about tees or anything else in our forums, or just drop by to have a look around, you?ll be made very welcome at Qwertee.com. See you soon!
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