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Fanboys Premiere In Columbus, OH
Posted by Mike on February 18, 2009 at 03:22 PM CST:

Details on a fantastic Columbus, Ohio Fanboys premiere and Q&A below:

Columbus Premiere of Fanboys

Friday, February 20th at 9:50 pm

AMC Lennox Town Center 24
777 Kinnear Rd.
Columbus, OH 43212

Q&A with the Kyle Newman (director), Ernie Cline (writer), and Matt Perniciaro and Kevin Mann (producers) to follow the screening.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Feb. 17th) on this website:


Ernie Cline asked if we could add that if you happen to be coming in costume, try to please arrive by 8:30 as the 501st and Rebel Legion with be there for photo opps along with some local TV crews. Make sure to say "hi" to Jason and Jimmy from the Force-Cast as they'll be in attendence as well!

UPDATE: Our friend Cole of the R2 Builders Club sent over the following:

"The R2 Builders Club will be converging at the Fanboys premiere this Friday in Columbus Ohio. We will have multiple droids throughout the theater before the 9:50 showing. They will be available for photo opps and more alongside the 501st and Rebel Legion. We encourage any fanboys within driving distance to come see the droids, and especially the film!

For more info on the R2 Builders Club, visit www.Astromech.net. "

Thanks Cole. Yet another reason to make the trek (as in a trip not Star Trek!) to Columbus!

UPDATE #2: Things are shaping up for a fun event. The Mandalorian Mercs will be onhand and in costume as well in Columbus! Click here for more info on their organization!

Thanks PJ!
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