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While this list is subject to change, this is what we can expect from Hasbro’s The Saga Collection line. While many may think this is all for 2006, it is expected that the first couple of waves (ROTJ 1 and TESB waves) should hit retailers as soon as December. Oddly enough, you’ll notice the stronger presence of background characters that we have grown accustomed to in non-movie years. This time there are even some slightly, almost Expanded Universe offerings.

Star Wars Saga Basic figures asst
Listed below are the first seven planned waves. We could see more than these seven, but nothing that Hasbro has commented on as of yet. While ordered chronologically, the waves will not follow a chronological order.

The Phantom Menace
Gungan Rep Been
Naboo Soldier
Podracer pilots 2pk
Gragra: Mos Espa Merchant
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Darth Maul

Attack Of The Clones
Clone Trooper
Sora Bulq: Weequay Jedi
Sun Fac: Geonosian Leader
Poggle the lesser: Geonosian Leader
Jango Fett
Republic Commando

Revenge Of The Sith
Coruscant Fire Fighter Pilot
Lushros Dofine: Invisible Hand Captain
Commander Cody: Clone Commander
Anakin Skywalker
Clone Trooper
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Foul Moudama: Talz Jedi
General Grievous

A New Hope
Hammerhead: Cantina Denizen
R5-D4: Slacker
Hem Dazon: Cantina Denizen
Garindan The Kubaz
Han Solo
Luke Skywalker

The Empire Strikes Back
General Veers
Major Bren Derlin
AT-AT Driver
General Rieekan
Darth Vader: Hoth Battle
Gonk Droid: Rebel Hangar

Return Of The Jedi 1
Leia Boushh
Han Solo: Jabba’s Prisoner
Bib Fortuna
Barada Skiff guard
Chewbacca: Boushh’s Bounty
Boba Fett

Return Of The Jedi 2
Chief Chirpa
Moff Jerjerrod
Death Star Gunner
C-3PO: Ewok Deity
Luke Skywalker: Endor Confrontation
Darth Vader: Endor Confrontation
The Emperor
Endor Rebel Commando

SW Force Battlers
Jango Fett
Obi-Wan Kenobi
General Grievous
The Emperor

At this point it is unclear whether these (minus Jango Fett) are repacks or new in the way of Darth Vader 2 with new accessories.

Galactic Heroes
Palpatine Vs. Yoda (repack)
Count Dooku Vs. Anakin (repack)
Obi-Wan Vs. General Grievous (repack)
Vader Vs. Obi-wan (ROTS?)
Lando Vs. Skiff Guard (repack)
Chewbacca Vs. Clone Trooper (repack)
R2-D2 Vs. Super Battle Droid (repack)
Mace Windu Vs. Kit Fisto (repack)
Dark side Anakin Vs. Shock Trooper (new)
Obi-Wan Vs. Utapau Clone (new)
Vader and The Emperor hologram (new)
Kashyyyk Yoda Vs. Clone Trooper (new)

Hoth 2 Pack (repack?)
Luke w/speeder bike (repack)
Scout trooper w/speeder bike(repack)

Coruscant 2Pk (new)
Geonosis 2Pk (new)
Emperor / Red Schock (new)

SW Titanium Vehicles

The Titanium line is a bit more self sufficient and will branch out into a couple of non-Star Wars assortments. New licenses to jump on for 2006 are Battlestar Gallactica (PG) and Stargate (SG). Both new licenses will shipped packed out with the Star Wars vehicles.

3inch Speeder bike w/trooper
3inch Jedi Attack cruiser
3inch Clone Tank
3inch TIE fighter (chase)
3inch Clone Tank
3inch Death Star
3inch Slave 1 Jango Fett
3inch Federation Droid Fighter

Vehicle Imperial Shuttle
Vehicle Darth Vader’s TIE fighter
Vehicle AT-AT
Vehicle Republic Gunship

Die-Cast Wookiee Helicopter
Die-Cast Jedi Starfighter
Die-Cast Royal Starship
Die-Cast Battle Ravaged Millenium Falcon

Die-Cast Silver Slave 1 (limited edition)
Vehicle Jedi starfighter
Vehicle Sith Infiltrator
Vehicle Droid Tank

3Inch 1978 Cylon Raider vehicle
3Inch 2004 Scout ship vehicle
3Inch 1978 Viper vehicle

3Inch Titanium LTD E3 Millenium Falcon
3Inch Luke Skywalker’s Speeder Bike
3Inch Republic Cruiser

3Inch A-Wing EP6
3Inch Executor Star Destroyer EP5
3Inch Sandcrawler

3Inch BG 04 Colonial 1
3Inch BG 04 Raptor
3Inch BG 04 Viper MK VII
3Inch SG Stargate with Stand
3Inch SG Death Glider ship

3Inch Titanium LTD Purple (?)
3Inch Leia Organa’s Speeder Bike
3Inch TIE Interceptor
3Inch B-Wing

SW Titanium forged 3.75" figures
Same rule applies as far as license cross packing.

Darth Vader
Boba Fett (w/ removable helmet)


Clone Trooper

BG Cylon Warrior
General Grievous

SW Titanium forged Ultra Vehicle

Ultra Clone Arc 170
Ultra Droid Tri Fighter
Ultra Diecast Slave 1
Ultra Snowspeeder
Ultra AT-AT
Ultra Millennium Falcon
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