Having checked out Sideshow Collectibles' 1/6 scale Dewback creature in our Photo Archive, the Probe Droid is curious whether you'd like to see more creatures offered in their 1/6 scale collection.
Heck yeah! but only the most iconic creatures that interacted directly with our heroes
Give me everything. nothing is too obscure.
I'd get some.
I'm saving all my money for a Rancor with a Sith Witch on its back.
I don't collect the 1/6 stuff, but I like to look at it.
I do collect the 1/6 scale stuff, but I don't want any creatures.
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Official Pix Closed For Spring Break
Posted by TFN on March 8, 2010 at 01:20 PM CST:
Please see the following announcement posted on the Official Pix website:

"Official Pix will be closed March 12-19. Orders received before 3pm CST March 9th, will be shipped this week. Orders received after that time will be sent to the photo lab and shipping will resume when we return March 22nd."
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