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SDCC: Celebration V Confirmed For 2010?
Posted by Justin on July 24, 2009 at 08:05 PM CST:

The "big one" that fans have eagerly been hoping to hear announced at San Diego Comic-Con has been officially revealed... partially.

According to this article posted up on the Hasbro promo site asking fans to partake in a contest that involves re-creating their favorite Star Wars scenes using Hasbro action figures, Star Wars Celebration V has in fact been confirmed for a 2010 release!!

See the intro to the promo release below:

Bring Star Wars: The Clone Wars to Life!

Create your favorite Star Wars: The Clone Wars scene or another of your favorite moments from the Star Wars saga using your Hasbro action figures and vehicles. You could win over $1000 of Hasbro Star Wars toys AND have the chance to display your creation at the 2010 Star Wars Celebration!

We're half way home to the promised land, folks!! I think it safe now to fully expect the official CV location to be announced at SDCC!

We're gonna be all over this announcement like a starving wampa on a tauntaun, so stay right here for all the breaking Celebration V news the second it is revealed!

UPDATE: Looks like someone at Hasbro and/or Lucasfilm caught wind of this CV "leak" and edited the promo article on the site to now read "the next Star Wars Celebration".

Chances are the 2010 timeframe remains true, but we're just gonna have to wait till tomorrow evening for (hopefully) the official announcement at the "Star Wars Spectacular" panel at SDCC.

UPDATE #2: Just got word from Dustin that Steve Sansweet has in fact confirmed CV for 2010 during the Star Wars Spectacular, but he did not give any details on the location or specific date.

Stay tuned as we hear more...
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