Posted by Adam on March 8, 2016 at 11:24 PM CST
eFX has announced that they will be releasing two editions of a Darth Vader ANH Precision Cast Replica Helmet, with an expected shipping date of the next couple of months.
We would like to announce the latest offering in our Star Wars line of replica helmets.
The Darth Vader ANH precision cast replica helmet (special and standard editions).
These new helmets were derived from castings made from the Rick Baker mold which was taken directly off the screen-used ANH helmet.
Those castings were 3-d scanned and from there injection mold tooling was made.
They will be available in two different editions, the SPECIAL EDITON $329 which has the brush painted gunmetal details as per the screen-used helmet, and also the STANDARD EDITION $299 which will have spray painted gunmetal areas for a more idealized look.
They also feature accurate metal mouth/chin grills and machined aluminum tusks.
They are incredibly durable but super lightweight compared to a fiberglass helmet.
They should be ready to ship April/May 2016.
Availability on these items will be super quick compared to our fiberglass limited items simply because injection molded items are able to move through production lightning fast.
Here are some pics of each edition
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