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CV: The Clone Wars Evolution Panel Coverage
Posted by Mike on August 13, 2010 at 09:40 AM CST:
Its tough to hit every panel in a convention as vast as Celebration V. On the otherhand, there are some great friends to be made everywhere you look. And if you ask nicely enough, they may just share their panel experience with TFN. Here's a report on The Clone Wars Evolution panel from our friend Aaron Goins:

"The panel had both Dave Filoni and Joel Aron but Filoni did most of the talking. Here are the main points.

- At the very beginning of the panel David Collins (the host) said there would be an exclusive clip never before seen.
- A lot was shown of The Clone Wars going to Kamino. Dave said they used some old episode 2 concept art for some of the designs.
- Dave made it a point to say that all Clone Wars stories come from George Lucas.
- They showed some concept art of clone barraks and a clone training facility.
- Dave mentioned that he thinks George intended that Aurra Sing and Boba Fett were to be connected and that may have influenced the Boba Fett junior novels
- While talking about how great of a character Aurra Sing is (specifically how menacing she is) Dave said Asajj Ventress may give Aurra Sing a run for her money as far as being the bad girl in Season 3. (I actually talked to Dee Bradley Baker about Season 3 and he also brought up Asajj Ventress playing a big part in Season 3)
- Dave hinted at Hondo Ohnaka having Slave I and he said Boba Fett doesn't need it right now because he is in jail. The quote went something like..."Hondo might have Slave I, but I don't know...well I do know. Boba's in jail so he doesn't need it...but he might get out..."
- He talked about the difficulty in creating Jedi robes and that the man hours it would take they could not afford. He did say that we will see more of that kind of stuff including moving hair in Season 3.
- They showed about a 40 second clip from season 3. Dave tried to downplay the clip as being about the rain effects. The clip revealed the Republic Commandos from the video game will be in season 3 (he confirmed the clones were Delta Squad). It also showed Jedi Saesee Tiin who is new to The Clone Wars series. (They showed the same clip 3 times before the end of the panel)
- During questions and answers Dave said that they think about what characters are around during The Clone Wars and how they can incorporate them into the show. He said some EU characters "might show up at some point"
- Dave said the quote from the episode 2 crawl "There are heroes on both sides" will make more sense during Season 3.
- Dave also said there will be more ties to the OT, specifically A New Hope during this season.
- David Collins said that what we saw in this panel is nothing compared to what they have in store for us in the Saturday "Season 3 Revealed" panel."

(click on the thumbnails for full views)

Thanks Aaron!

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