(Separatist Forces)

Year: 2003

Assortment: Vehicles

Assortment No.: 84941/84841

Retail: $19.99

Weapons and Accessories: 

  • Battle Damage Action
  • Firing Missiles
  • Elevating Primary Laser Cannon
  • Adjustable Side Cannons
  • Opening Top Hatch
  • Energy Shell Launchers
  • Removable Canopy Armor "Blasts Off" and Panel Flips to Reveal Damaged Battle Droid
  • Comments: The marriage of repulsorlift and heavy armor has resulted in formidable floating tanks known as AATs. These assault tanks form the frontline of Trade Federation armored infantry divisions. A crew of battle droids drives the battle tank and operates the array of laser and projectile weaponry carried by the vehicle.

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