(Domestic Exclusive Diorama)

A New Hope

Year: 2007

Retail: $69.99

Assortment: Star Wars Dioramas

Item Number: 2205

Limited Edition: 1250

Comments: The seven man squad of sandtroopers search the area surrounding the abandoned escape pod from the Tantive IV, the rebel blockade runner that has been intercepted and incapacitated by Darth Vader's Star Destroyer. "Look, sir, droids!" the sandtrooper sergeant exclaims, holding up the lost droid part to his squad leader, DSS-0956. This iconic moment of discovery begins the massive planet-wide search for C-3PO and R2-D2, the little droid whose mission is to find Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The search would soon lead to the Jawas who had recovered the droids. After questioning the tribe leader and learning they were sold to a moisture farmer named Owen Lars, the commander gave the order to execute every Jawa on the spot. The same fate lay in store for Owen and Beru Lars, when the trooper squad arrived at their small homestead and found the droids were not there. The troopers set off for Mos Eisley in hopes of intercepting the droids before they find transport off Tatooine.

In Mos Eisley, the commander relays the description of the two droids to the other search squads and his most trusted informant, Garindan. Less than an hour later he receives a transmission from the elephant-nosed alien that the two droids are on their way to docking bay 94, where a space freighter known as the Millennium Falcon is being prepared for takeoff. The commander and his squad arrive at the scene but are too late to stop the Falcon from blasting off with the droids in a desperate race to Alderaan with the Death Star plans.

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Points of Interest:

  • Sideshow Collectibles and Lucasfilm are proud to bring you this exciting, limited entry in the Star Wars Diorama series. The diorama captures the critical moment when the sandtroopers realize that they are hunting for two droids that escaped detection aboard the escape pod. Each piece is cast in high quality polystone, hand-finished, and hand-painted to exacting standards. The 'Look, Sir, Droids' Diorama is complete with a unique individualized edition number on the bottom side of the base. Don't miss this chance to expand your Star Wars collection!
  • Photography by D Martin Myatt

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