Millennium Minted Coins

The coins are gold and feature the same classic images on the front of the coin, with brand new reverse-side stampings. Each coin is mounted in a plastic holder/stand and the figure is on a stand. The coin holder rotates 360 degrees and the coin can be easily snapped out of the holder and placed back in it later. Initially, the coins were released with an insert that had "New Millennium Minted Coin" printed on it. The actual insert was .00. Later and, at the same time, you could find cases that had packages with and without this printing. The packages that were without had an insert marked .01.

Chewie Han Emperor
Snowtrooper Luke Leia C-3PO

Note that these closeups from the back of the package have the original Trademark and Copyright 1984 LFL on them, while the actual coins do not. The new coins have the Trademark and Copyright info on the back of the coin.

Han Photo Error

On the back of the Emperor, Luke, Leia and C-3PO coins, Kenner put the wrong coin photo above Han Bespin. They accidentally placed a Snowtrooper coin photo in place of the Han coin photo that had been on the Chewbacca and Snowtrooper coin packages released earlier.

Han Snowtrooper Chewbacca

Leia Luke Emperor C-3PO

Coin Reverse

Han Back
Han Bespin
Snow Back
Chewie Back

Leia Endor
Luke Endor

Leia Leia Back Luke Luke Back

Emperor Emperor Back Snowtrooper Snow Back

Snowtrooper Snow Back Han Solo Han Back

Chewie Chewie Back

Luke Coin Mockup

Luke Coin Luke Back Luke Close

This is a mockup with Luke mounted in a Bespin Han Solo box. Note the drilled coin, I assume to distinguish it from a released coin. This is a new Luke with an old head.

Coin Coin