Collecting Basics

Card Versions

.00, .01, What's Up With That?? What does .00, .01, etc. mean and where is this located?

Card Version Detail

On the back of every U.S. card is a number that represents the card item and card version. The first design of a card that's printed is .00, the second version, such as a change from orange to green, or adding a printed warning instead of a separate warning sticker, is .01 and so on. Many carded figure collectors don't consider their collection complete unless they have every carded version made.

Card Version Detail

Case Numbers

Wondering what it means when somebody refers to the new wave of figures coming in an 69605.04 case? Here's a photo of the 69605.04 box. So far, each case has had 16 carded figures, with a couple that only had 12. Kenner releases figures in waves that always include mature figures and new figures. Each box has an assortment number followed by a .xx number that distinguishes the contents. Collectors like to know what the case numbers are so that the contents can be determined without opening the boxes.

.04 Box