Classic Star Wars #8
April 1993
25ppg, $2.50

Writer: Archie Goodwin
Artist: Al Williamson
Artist: Allen Nunis
Colorist: Steve Buccellato
Editor: Anina Bennett
Editor: Bob Cooper
Cover Artist: Mark Schultz
Cover Colors: Matthew Hollingsworth

Night Beast, demonsquid

C-3PO (See Threepio), R2-D2 (Artoo Detoo), R5 unit

Aquaris, Yavin 4

X-wing starfighter, TIE fighter, Imperial Star Destroyer, Millennium Falcon


This issue continues reprinting the seventh Archie Goodwin strip and the sixteenth overall, commonly called "Traitor's Gambit", and ran between Jan 4, 1982 to Mar 7, 1982. It also begins the eighth Archie Goodwin strip and the seventeenth overall, commonly called "The Night Beast", and ran between Mar 8, 1982 to May 16, 1982.

For an in-depth comparison of this issue to the original comic strips, please see the Classic Star Wars Issue Index.

This issue was polybagged and contained a promotional Star Wars Galaxy preview card. The card was from 1993, with no number and it features artwork of Boba Fett and Dengar from Dark Empire by Cam Kennedy.

Though listed as 'Artist', Allen Nunis is in fact performing Art retouch under the guidance and blessing of Al Williamson, according to the letters page of issue #10.

This is also the first issue in the series to feature an opening crawl, filling readers in on events from the last issue. The Star Wars showcase pinup page returns with The Empire Strikes Back in one page, by Stan.
Onboard an aqua-skimmer, Han questions Silver Fyres motives for separating them on this underwater hunt. She claims that her second-in-command, Kraaken, thought of the idea to have a creature attack one of the other skimmers, and have Fyre save them. This would allow her to get back into Han's good graces.

Suddenly a demonsquid emerges from the rocks and attacks Luke's craft. Fyre's skimmer blasts the squid with a stun blast, which causes it to drop Luke's craft. Han dons underwater survival gear and exits his skimmer to get Luke out of the crashed skimmer before it fills up with water. After Han gets a breath mask on Luke, and before they can get safely back to his ship the squid grabs the star captain.

Suddenly Chewbacca swims into the fray, stabbing the squids tentacle with a jagged shard of wreckage. This causes it to drop Han and forget all about the individuals and instead focus on Fyre's aqua-skimmer. She manages to get a clear shot at the creature's brain sac, killing the creature.

On the way back, Han realizes that Kraaken is the traitor. he wasn't in the wreckage and stunned Luke before they set out. Back at the base, Kraaken breaks into the star warriors chambers, stuns the droids and takes them for delivery to the Empire.

He is interrupted by Princess Leia, who suspected that he might be traitor after the incident on Kabal. She asks him, under gun point, to return the data plaque he took from Artoo when a guard walks in on them. Kraaken sees this as his opportunity to escape, with the data plaque.

As Kraaken is about to make his escape, he is blocked by Han Solo, who tackles him causing the data plaque to tumble over the edge into the oceans. The plaque explodes and Kraaken is taken into custody. Leia agrees to have the Aquaris freeholders help them with the situation at their Yavin base.

Near Yavin 4, Imperial Star Destroyers, led by Admiral Griff, continue their assault on the Rebel base, as the Millennium Falcon and a pair of other starships emerge from hyperspace, running for the planet. Just above the Massassi base, the Falcon runs into a TIE fighter causing it to strike the ruins below. What the rebels are unaware of, is the creature that has just be unleashed from the accident.

Later that night, Luke and the others are readying for a celebration. Outside one of the massive guard towers suddenly bends, crashing to the ground just in front of the temple. One of the rebels questions Han about Chewbacca's whereabouts, having seen him leave a short time ago. Han is affronted that anyone would suspect Chewie of the damage.

Elsewhere in the jungle, Chewie confronts the real culprit, a gigantic green lizard-like monster. Han hears Chewie's growls, and runs to find his first mate involved in a wrestling match with the creature.

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