Star Wars: River of Chaos #1
June 1995
"River of Chaos" part One of Four, 24ppg, $2.50

Script: Louise Jones-Simonson
Penciler, Cover Artist: June Brigman
Inker, Cover Artist: Roy Richardson
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Colorist: Dave Nestelle
Book Design: Cary Grazzini
Editor: Ryder Windham

D-4R5, Widget

Ikon, M'haeli, Aguarl 3

TIE fighter pilots, Rebel Alliance, Stormtroopers

Mon Calamari, Quarren

TIE bomber, Ravagor (an Imperial Star Destroyer), Imperial Patrol Craft, X-wing starfighter, Dreadnaught heavy cruiser, TIE interceptor

All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST walker), Swoop bike

This four issue series takes place several months after Star Wars:A New Hope.

R'han is mistakenly called Ph'dan at one point in this issue. Rebel pilots killed include Spenter, Jonton and Pake.
On the planet M'haeli, three H'drachi junkers are cleaning up after an attack on the capitol city of N'croth. They are arguing whether the attack came from offworld or not. One, Ch'no claims to have foreseen these events, having read them in the time-stream. As the other two debate, Ch'no discovers a red-haired baby amid the wreckage, the time-stream tangled around her.

Seventeen years later, Ranulf Trommer and his squad of TIE pilots are execute a bombing run on the aquatic rebel base on Aguarl 3. All but Ranulf are struck by missiles, but he still manages to drop his torpedoes and puncture the launch bay of the submerged base. He limps his craft back to the Star Destroyer, where he is pulled from his damaged craft and taken to the medical droid to be repaired.

On M'haeli, Ch'no and his now grown adopted daughter Mora and her friends are salvaging junk behind a shop when the owner comes out and tells them to leave. Mora scares him off, tired of the gossip that she was fated to die 17 years ago. Ch'no reads in the time-stream that their Governor will soon attack the Rebels, which are growing strength on the planet, and all will soon have to choose which path to follow.

On board a Star Destroyer, Grand Moff Lynch presents Ranulf with the honor of spying on Governor Grigor's doings on M'haeli. Ranulf does not see it as an honor, but his father, an Admiral, reminds him that that is the service they are in.

In the marketplace, a squad of stormtroopers and an AT-ST barge through, and blast open a human residence, which has Rebels hiding inside it. Mora is shocked at the carnage as are her friends N'ton and R'han. Grigor interrogates a rebel prisoner captured in the raid, and questions him about the potential return of the M'haeli heir.

At their junk shop, Mora and her droid Widget are working when a couple of strangers walk in asking for special modifications to their swoops. They present her with a bunch of material in trade, and she agrees to make the modifications. She can't help wonder if they're Rebels, with all the goods they have.

During the H'drachi mid-summer conclave, where elders gather to study the time-stream, Mora and Ch'no approach and the time-stream goes haywire. One of the elders blames Ch'no for endangering their safety by interfering and saving the human he calls Mora. She defends her father, while her H'drachi friends look on and wonder why the only Rebels on the planet are humans.

On an asteroid circling Ikon, Leia delivers a turbolaser to the rebels there and finds out that there is rebellion brewing on M'haeli. Her contact suggests she send them some X-wings to aid them in their battles.

Above M'haeli, a squad of X-wings attacks an Imperial Dreadnaught that has just appeared from hyperspace. It launches a squad of TIE interceptors, one belonging to Ranulf Trommer. The Imperials make quick work of the Rebels, and the remaining X-wings take off into hyperspace before they are blasted. Trommer lands on M'haeli and meets with Grigor to get his mission.

N'ton bursts in on his father and Ph'dan to let them know that R'han has been killed by the Empire. Ph'dan blames Ch'no for bringing this fate upon them, and fears that the must stop him before worse things happen.

Grigor suggests that Trommer infiltrate the Rebels via Mora, stating that she will be the best way to get close to them. Ranulf takes a junked droid to her shop to get repaired. Ch'no mentions that the time-stream branches around Ranulf, as a squad of stormtroopers burst in. They lead Ranulf outside, claiming he's a Rebel spy. Ranulf fears that Grigor has set him up when Mora jumps the nearest stormtrooper trying to distract him.

A group of real rebels approach, including the pair that brought the swoops by earlier. They make quick work of the stormtroopers, and one revelas herself to be Princess Leia. They gather up the wounded and pile on a trio of swoops, racing off for their base.

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