Star Wars: River of Chaos #2
July 1995
"River of Chaos" part Two of Four, 24ppg, $2.50

Script: Louise Jones-Simonson
Penciler, Cover Artist: June Brigman
Inker, Cover Artist: Roy Richardson
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Colorist: Dave Nestelle
Book Design: Cary Grazzini
Editor: Ryder Windham

D-4R5, Widget


Snowtroopers, Stormtroopers

Swoop bike, All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST walker)

The dragite crystals mined in this issue are compared to the Adegan crystals of old. These were the crystals that Andur Sunrider was transporting in Tales of the Jedi and were useful in creating his lightsaber.
Racing away from stormtroopers trying to arrest the Rebel sympathizers, a trio of swoops carrying Princess Leia, a pair of M'haelians and an Imperial spy race towards the Rebel base. Mora and Ranulf Trommer ride the slower of the swoops, but thanks to their abilities and training they manage to take out the three pursuing stormtroopers.

At the Rebels hidden base on M'haeli, Merrik and N'ton return, meeting up with Leia and the others. Concerned for their safety, Merrik wonders where Mora and Ranulf are. Leia mentions she sent them to the cave until they can be trusted.

At the cave, Mora decides to stay with the injured Ranulf until he can be trusted by the others. She believes him to be a victim and not a spy. At the Governor's place, a group of H'drachi are brought before the Governor to answer his questions about H'drachi rebels, which they, of course, know nothing about.

Mora begins to work on Ranulf's injured leg, which she realizes is cybernetic. He is surprised that she is not repulsed by it.

At the elders hut, they discuss the need to cast out Ch'no before his actions bring the Governor down on all of them. K'rk agrees that this is the best decision to keep all their hands clean.

Ch'no joins up with Mora at the cave, letting her know that the three of them are know on the wanted list with the Governor. He suggests a way to earn the Rebels trust. There is a rumored dragite mine on the planet, and to find it would empower the Rebels further.

Taking her swoop, Mora and Ranulf fly north into the colder climates, and discover a secret Imperial mine using M'haeli humans and H'drachi as slave labor. She recognizes R'han, Ph'dan's son who was believed killed by the Empire. It appears that this dragite mine is actually Grigor's covert operation, using slave labor and pirates as guards. They manage to sneak a sample of the dragite before racing back to the Rebels and letting them know of the mine.

That night, Ranulf takes off, a million thoughts in his head of what he should do next. Stop Grigor; warn is his father. He doesn't realize that Merrik has seen him go. He decides to confront Grigor and sneaks into his chamber, blaster drawn. Unfortunately Grigor's troopers are faster and capture him.

Meanwhile, Merrik informs Leia that he saw Trommer enter the Imperial Garrison unchallenged. Leia orders the base moved on the double while, Mora is heartbroken over the betrayal of the one she loved.

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