Star Wars: River of Chaos #3
September 1995
"River of Chaos" part Three of Four, 24ppg, $2.50

Script: Louise Jones-Simonson
Penciler, Cover Artist: June Brigman
Inker, Cover Artist: Roy Richardson
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Colorist: Dave Nestelle
Book Design: Cary Grazzini
Editor: Ryder Windham

D-4R5, Widget


Stormtroopers, Rebel Alliance

Glott's starship

Swoop bike, hover sled, All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST walker)

In the inquisition chamber of the Imperial Garrison on M'haeli, Governor Grigor is beating Ranulf Trommer for the location of the Rebel base. He refuses to cooperate, using the leverage that he knows the location of Grigor's illegal dragite mine to counter the Governor.

At the Rebels hurry to pack their base and move, Mora is busily fixing her swoop. Merrik approaches her and apologizes for having to relay the news that Trommer was a spy. Jalouse is looking on, obviously angered that he appears to be spending more time with this new girl than with her.

Meanwhile, in the search for Ch'no and Mora, stormtroopers harass local H'drachi and burn their homes to the ground. Leia decides they need to take the fight to Grigor and organizes an attack on the dragite mine as soon as possible.

At Grigor's landing platform, a falsely authorized ship sets down, driven by Glott, the Gotal bounty hunter. He takes out two stormtroopers that attempt to stop him before meeting up with Grigor, and getting the assignment to hunt down Mora in exchange for some dragite crystals.

Bothered by Merrik's lack of attention, Jalouse provides Ph'dan with some information about the Rebels which he in turn sells to Glott. Glott however does not see the full price in the information and kills Ph'dan before leaving to capture Mora.

Ranulf, still chained in the Governor's dungeon, manages to escape from the prison, and finding some stormtrooper armor, steals an Imperial swoop and races into town. There he meets with K'rk who is distraught at the death of his friend, and tells Ranulf that Mora is in trouble.

At the dragite mine, the Rebels, led by Mora and Merrik, break in and begin freeing the prisoners and gathering up as much of the crystals as they can. Suddenly Glott shows up and incapacitates Mora with his wrist gauntlet. One of his henchmen takes her back to Grigor's garrison, while he faces down with Trommer. Ranulf manages to blast the side of his face, but is stopped by Merrik, who assumes he's an Imperial stormtrooper. Ranulf is taken prisoner, even as he tries to explain all that has transpired. How he was tricked, and the fact that Grigor kidnapped Mora.

Glott gives Mora over to Grigor, who is about to put her to death when he realizes that she is the long-lost heir of M'haeli. He makes an announcement to the populace letting them know that he has found their Queen and the two of them will be wed soon. Ranulf begs Leia to release him so that he can stop Grogor.

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