Star Wars: River of Chaos #4
November 1995
"River of Chaos" part Four of Four, 24ppg, $2.50

Script: Louise Jones-Simonson
Penciler, Cover Artist: June Brigman
Inker, Cover Artist: Roy Richardson
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Colorist: Dave Nestelle
Book Design: Cary Grazzini
Editor: Ryder Windham
Editor: Bob Cooper

Widget, D-4R5



Imperial Patrol Craft, Rebel shuttle

Mobile command base, All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT walker), All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST walker), Swoop bike

The Grand Moff introduced in issue #1 as Lynch appears here. Ranulf calls him Grand Moff Hauser, instead. Since Lynch was the first recorded name for his appearance, this index assumes that the Hauser name is an editorial mistake or perhaps, his first name.
K'rk and the other elders lay Ph'dan to rest on a funeral pyre, pledging to look into the time-stream to do what they can for themselves. It appears that they may soon begin to take responsibility for themselves.

Governor Grigor has chained Mora in his dungeon and threatens her and her people. He then order the bounty hunter Glott to retrieve the traitor Ranulf Trommer.

Back at the Rebel base, Ranulf comes clean to Leia and the Rebels, admitting that he was a spy. But he never gave away the location of the rebels base. Merrik doesn't like it but it seems that Ranulf has the best way for them to rescue Mora.

Entering the base in his stormtrooper armor, Ranulf and his "prisoners" attack the guards. They then open Mora's cell and rescue her, taking flight on their modified swoops.

It is dark as they make their escape. Glott is tracking them slowly, when he is spotted by Jalouse. She places herself between the blast from Glott's gauntlet and her Queen Mora, feeling remorse for providing Ph'dan with her location, and now having saved the life she put in jeopardy.

Trommer sends Merrik and Mora off to the Red Rock rebel base while he holds off Glott. A H'drachi elder whispers through the bushes with the best way to to defeat the Gotal, which Ranulf uses and manages to kill the bounty hunter. He thanks the elders who now see their place in the time-stream.

The rebels prepare for an attack as soon as Mora returns, letting them know that Grigor and his men are coming. The attack comes, but is easier to defend against since the men Grigor is using are not real trained Imperials. Grigor manages to grab Mora during the fight and holds her as a shield against Ranulf's weapon. Trommer kicks at Grigor's gunhand, causing him to blast his own brains out.

The real Imperials, complete with AT-AT's arrive, mopping up the rest of Grigor's troops. Ranulf is congratulated by his father and the Grand Moff who plans to execute Mora, since her family was party of the Old Republic. Ranulf grabs Mora and makes an escape with the rest of the Rebels, choosing to make his own way outside of his Imperial training. He has found that he cannot trust anything that the Empire stands for.

They decide for the sake of M'haeli that the dragite mine should be destroyed. Maybe then the Empire will focus their attentions elsewhere. The plant their charges and Merrik sends Ranulf, Mora and Ch'no off ahead. He stays to make sure the Imperials can't dismantle the charges. He is still there when the station explodes in a giant fireball.

Later the trio of Rebels make their way off planet towards their new Rebel base, each making the choice to fight for what they believe in.

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