Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace #3
May 1999
"The Phantom Menace" part 3, 24ppg, $2.95

Story: George Lucas
Script: Henry Gilroy
Penciler: Rodolfo Damaggio
Artist: Al Williamson
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Colorist: Dave Nestelle
Color Separator: Harold MacKinnon
Cover Artist: Hugh Fleming
Book Design: Mark Cox
Book Design: Darin Fabrick
Editor: Dave Land
Publisher: Mike Richardson

eopie, kaadu

C-3PO (See Threepio), Probe droid (dark eye droids), battle droid, R2-D2 (Artoo Detoo)

Coruscant, Tatooine, Theed Royal Palace, Jedi Council Chamber

Jedi Council, Senate, Naboo royal guards


Sith Infiltrator, Naboo Royal (Queen's) Starship

Sith speeder, air taxi

This issue continues the official four issue adaptation of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace.

Unlike previous adaptations of the films that were published on a monthly basis (thereby taking up to 6 months to tell the tale) this series was published over 4 consecutive weeks in May, 1999 to coincide with the May 19, 1999 release date of Episode I. The Trade Paperback edition and Issue #1 of this adaptation were both released on May 5, with issue #3 being released on the movie premiere date.

Published both with an artwork cover by Hugh Fleming and a photo cover variant.
The celebration over Anakin's victory continues while Watto argues with Qui-Gon over the wager. In the end Watto keeps his end of the bargain and allows Anakin to go with the Jedi. Qui-Gon takes the hyperdrive to the Queen's ship and returns to Mos Espa to pick up Anakin.

Back at the slave quarters, Qui-Gon gives Anakin the money for the sale of his pod racer and tells Anakin that he is no longer a slave. Anakin asks his mom if it's okay to go. She lets him know that the decision is his, she however was not able to be freed and will be staying on Tatooine. Ani bids farewell to Threepio and his mom, who tells him to be brave and not look back.

On a mesa outside town, Darth Maul's probe droid returns to him with information. He departs on a speeder. Anakin and Qui-Gon approach the Queen's starship as Maul buzzes up on his speeder, flipping off, lightsaber lit. Qui-Gon orders the ship to take off. Obi-Wan directs the pilot towards the dueling figures. Qui-Gon manages to leap up onto the landing ramp as the ship blasts off, leaving Maul in the dust. On board Qui-Gon introduces Obi-Wan to Anakin.

Back on Naboo, Nute Gunray attempts to sway the Governor to give up their strike. He refuses and is taken back to the prison camp. On the Queen's ship, Padmé comforts Anakin. He is sad that he's leaving home, but he manages to comfort her in her concern for her planet of Naboo.

The ship lands on Coruscant and the Queen and her entourage meet up with Chancellor Valorum and Senator Palpatine in anticipation of a special Senatorial meeting. In Palpatine's quarters, the Senator convinces the Queen that they need to vote a more powerful Chancellor into office to deal with the Trade Federation. The Queen, caring for her people, feels that she has no choice but agree.

In the Jedi Temple, Qui-Gon reveals the presence of the supposed Sith to the Jedi Council. He also informs the council about the vergence in the Force surrounding Anakin. Yoda and Mace Windu agree to test him for the chance to train as a Jedi.

Senator Palpatine and Queen Amidala present their case in front of the Galactic Senate. The representative of the Trade Federation takes objection at the condemnation presented. When pressed by Chancellor Valorum to defer on her motion, Queen Amidala calls for a vote of no confidence. Palpatine informs her that soon a new leader will be elected that will not let this travesty continue.

Anakin is brought before the Council and tested. Yoda questions his feelings and emotions; pointing out that he is full of fear and that will lead to anger and suffering. Meanwhile the Senator lets Amidala know that he has been nominated to replace Valorum. The Queen wishes him well, but feels she must return to Naboo to help her people. The Council denies Qui-Gon's request to train the boy, but he continues to push for his apprenticeship. Mace orders him to go with the Queen back to Naboo to protect her. Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Anakin join back up with Amidala to return to her home planet.

En route, the Queen asks Jar Jar for his help in defeating the Trade Federation. Landing in the swamplands, the Queen and her escorts locate the sacred hiding place of the Gungans and offer an alliance to Boss Nass. The Gungan leader ponders the benefits of such a union.

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