Star Wars: Comic Pack #53
February 2010
"The Warrior Princess" part one, 22ppg, $17.99

This comic was included in the Hasbro Star Wars: The Legacy Collection Comic Pack available exclusively from, which includes a Plourr Ilo and Dllr Nep figure. This issue is a reprint of Dark Horse's X-Wing Rogue Squadron #13, with some minor alterations to the cover (including cover layout, number, and price). See that issue for further information.

This comic pack was originally scheduled to be sold through Wal*Mart, but ended up becoming an exclusive.

The packaging for this comic pack has no numbering at all, while the indicia of this comic says #45.

While these 2-packs did not start shipping until May 2010, the indicia lists the publication date as November 2008.

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