Posted by D. Martin on February 9, 2012 at 10:15 PM CST
From Miquel's email:

Well, it's just happening in my city, Monterrey, México. (a little under two hours south the Texas border).

The supermarket chain store HEB (only on its "Cumbres" location) marked 75% off on all Star Wars related actions figures and vehicles, except the new Movie Heroes line.

Now, at least for me, this is as surprising and amazing as it is exciting. Never have I seen an offer of this sort or rebates of this kind in ANY Mexican store. Retail or specialty or toy store. I've been collecting since 1995 (when I discovered the Star Wars films) and honestly, have never seen offers that go bigger than 25% or 30% off. That's why I mainly shop in nearby US cities.

Back to the promo:

The lines under the offer go from Clone Wars, to Saga Legends, to Vintage and The Legacy Collection.

Action figures and basic lightsabers (red, blue or green) are going for $39.90 pesos, which is a little under $3 US dollars.

($1 US dollar is right at this moment about $13.5 MEX pesos).

Battle packs are going for $99.90 pesos, which is aprox under $8 US dollars.

Vehicles are at the $139.90 mark ($10 US dollars each).

Some savvy shoppers went for the GIGANTIC Millenium Falcons (never seen them in person before), which were going for $1,000 MEX pesos (about $74 US dollars) or the AT-AT walkers going at $800 Mex pesos.

Boba Fett Helmets: $200 pesos.

When asked about why such unprecedented sale, HEB employees said that it was due to new merchandise coming in (Movie Heroes line). ...But I'd bet the Episode I 3D premiere (tonight) might have something to do with it. Also, a local Wal-Mart store was offering a promo: "10 figures for $1,000 pesos" and they'd throw in a Jabba the Hutt "exclusive" figure.

(that's like $7.40 US dollars per figure... more or less the normal price in US stores, right?...)

Seems to me, we who went to the HEB store got a way better deal.

It was 8:00 p.m. when I left, and the shelves were nowhere near empty. There were TONS of figures, TONS of vehicles and Boba Fett helmets. The Millenium Falcons, sadly, have flown away.

Employees said the 75% rebate stands while supplies last. But it is only available at the HEB Cumbres location: only one out of twenty locations in this city.

(I went to another location just to check out, turns out it's true: they shipped all the figures to this one location).

I don't know if the offer is good in any other Mexican locations of HEB.
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