Star Wars Attacktix
The highly successful Attacktix Battle Figure Game from Hasbro returns in 2006 with an intergalactic line-up that takes this exciting and challenging game to a bigger playing level. Hasbro will expand the Attacktix playing universe to include more characters from the entire Star Wars saga, as well as introduce the Transformers property to the battle with figures that are “More Than Meets the Eye”. And for the first time ever, the Attacktix line will offer an incredible “Battle” pack, pitting the key icons of the Star Wars and Transformers sagas against one another in the Star Wars vs. Transformers Intergalactic Showdown Pack. Highlights of Hasbro’s Attacktix line include:

Attacktix Starter Sets
($9.99, August 2006) Building on the success of the launch of Attacktix in 2005, two all new Attacktix Starter Sets will be released in 2006. The Star Wars Starter Set, which features some of the most popular characters from the epic saga, and the Transformers Starter Set, which features everyone’s favorite robots in disguise, provide the basic figures needed for game play. Each set contains four figures, each with unique powers. Two of the figures are exclusive to the pack and will not be available in the booster packs. For those new to Attacktix, the Starter Set provides a great launching point for building a squad.

Attacktix Booster Packs
($4.99, August 2006) Players can increase the power and strength of their Attacktix battle figure forces, with the addition of figures found in Attacktix Booster Packs. Both Star Wars and Transformers booster packs will include two figures, one rare and one super rare figure. Each pack is blind, making the discovery of which figures are in the pack part of the excitement. There are 18 Star Wars and 18 Transformers figures, each with unique powers and features. Collect them all to build the ultimate squad or to trade with friends.

Attacktix Star Wars VS. Transformers Intergalactic Showdown Pack
($19.99, August 2006) Who would win in battle – Darth Vader or Optimus Prime? Now you can answer the question with the Attacktix Star Wars vs. Transformers Intergalactic Showdown Pack. Iconic figures from the Star Wars universe collide with the world of Transformers where lightsaber-wielding Jedi Knights compete against the masterful robots with incredible powers. Each pack comes with six battle figures including Darth Vader and Opitmus Prime, as well as the larger battle master figures with more fire power.

Attacktix Battle Master Assortment
($12.99, August 2006) Attacktix Battle Master Figures are twice as large as the average Attacktix battle figure and bring more action to battles with bigger attacks, increased power, and stronger defenses, making them more difficult to defeat. For example, the AT-RT launches four missiles! Each Battle Master comes with a battle figure so that players can stage a battle right out of the box. In Fall 2006, fans can add the Transformers Omega Supreme figure with battle throwing action and accompanying Crumplezone battle figure to their battle line-up. Also set to be released this Fall is the new Republic Gunship with flying action and clone pilot.

Now that you've read the official press release, here's a list of the figures from Series 3, which are starting to hit stores now:
  SW3-01 Stormtrooper
  SW3-02 TIE Pilot
  SW3-03 Tusken Raider
  SW3-04 Rebel Trooper
  SW3-05 X-WIng Pilot
  SW3-06 Sandtrooper
  SW3-07 Bossk
  SW3-08 Death Star Gunner
  SW3-09 Imperial Officer
  SW3-10 Jawa
  SW3-11 Greedo
  SW3-12 Captain Antilles
  SW3-13 Tusken Sniper
  SW3-14 Princess Leia
  SW3-15 Chewbacca
  SW3-16 Hammerhead
  SW3-17 Heavy Stormtrooper
  SW3-18 Boba Fett
  SW3-19 Tusken Warlord
  SW3-20 Obi-Wan Kenobi
  SW3-21 Luke Skywalker
  SW3-22 Han Solo
  SW3-23 Darth Vader
  SW3-24 Jawa Warlord
  SW3-25 C-3PO
  SW3-26 Biggs Darklighter
  SW3-27 Wedge
  SW3-28 Luke as Stormtrooper
  SW3-29 Han Solo as Stromtrooper
  SW3-30 R2-Q5
  SW3-31 Luke Skywalker
  SW3-32 Darth Vader
  SW3-33 Captain Antilles
  SW3-34 Imperial Officer
  SW3-35 Jabba the Hutt

Making their debut at Toy Fair, here's a partial list of the figures that will make up Series 4. Look for these to be released later this summer.
  Admiral Ackbar
  Endor Soldier
  Han Solo (Endor)
  Chief Chirpa
  Luke Skywalker (Endor)
  Princess Leia (Slave)
  Grand Moff Tarkin
  AT-ST Driver

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