Master Replicas first made their mark in the Star Wars collectibles game with a line of prop replica lightsabers, and they have expanded to include blasters, helmets, .45 scaled replicas, and helmets. A wide variety of items were on display at Toy Fair, plus a look ahead into items they are considering for the future.

Prop Replica Lightsabers
Only two lightsabers were on display this year. The first was the Luke Skywalker lightsaber from A New Hope. Luke's (originally Anakin's) lightsaber is due to start shipping this month, and captures every detail from the classic weapon.

The new addition to the line is the Qui-Gon Jinn lightsaber from The Phantom Menace. The long-awaited weapon has been eagerly-anticipated by fans for years, and now it's here at last. There will be two stands available with the replica, depending which version you order. The Limited Edition will come with the standard display case and horizontal stand. The Collector's Edition will come with a newly-designed horizontal stand.

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Force FX Lightsabers
Always a crowd-pleaser, the Force FX line of lightsabers were out on display and available to play with, er, I mean "to test out." We actually spotted the lightsabers in action on the showroom floor long before we visited the Master Replicas booth. The Force FX lightsabers are hugely popular, in part from their appearance with Howie on last summer's Big Brother TV show, but when you see the lights and hear the sounds these things make, you can't help but get excited and be a kid again.

Of course, the big story was the debut of the Darth Maul lightsaber from The Phantom Menace. The double-bladed weapon is unique in the Star Wars films, and will be available in two versions: the fully-extended double-bladed version, which is even taller than me when assembled, and also as a single bladed weapon (battle damaged). Speaking of assembly, there are two different caps that can be screwed onto the end of the handle that locks the batteries into place. One is for the single version and contains an exposed crystal. The other is open and serves as a connector to the other half of the weapon.

Just to show how popular this lightsaber is, we received dozens of email requests to go back and get more detailed photos after our initial galleries were posted. We of course, happily obliged.

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.45 Scaled Replicas
The scaled replicas (affectionately called "minis" around here) were also on display, including the brand new Qui-Gon Jinn lightsaber, which was displayed on an Anakin Skywalker stand. The 2005 Collector's Society Darth Maul lightsaber was given out, which is a great piece. On the balsters front, both the Stormtrooper blaster from A New Hope and the Han Solo blaster from The Empire Strikes Back were on display. As for the future? Look for a Boba Fett blaster from Return of the Jedi late in the year.

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Studio Scale Helmets
Only two helmets were on display, the Revenge of the Sith Darth Vader helmet, and the Boba Fett helmet from The Empire Strikes Back. Once again, you wanted more detailed photos of BobaFett's helmet, so we went back and got them for you. All the dents, bumps, and scratches from the most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy are captured right down to the very last detail. Up next? The Stormtrooper from A New Hope.

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Studio Scale Vehicles
It's always been in the shadow of the X-Wing, but the Y-Wing Fighter is ready to stand out on its own. This impressive reproduction of the starship from A New Hope recreates every single detail right down to the battle damage and the built in astromech droid. We're told the base will be changed so that the Y-Wing will be flying next to the turret, rather than on top of it. Even if we didn't get requests for more detailed photos, we'd have gone back to see the Y-Wing again anyway!

And as a sneak preview of what's next in this line...we got to see production photos and a foamcore cutout (to show size) of the next vehicle...the Millennium Falcon from The Empire Strikes Back!

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Other Star Wars Items
Master Replicas is always bringing out new items at Toy Fair, in order to judge buyer interest (and fan interest from sites like ours). Potential new items that were on display include a line of Lightsaber Umbrellas, Lenticular posters (several Marvel Comics characters were also shown), and costumes from Star Wars and X-Men. The Anakin Skywalker and Wolverine costumes were very impressive, right down to the individual pouches on Anakin's costume and the slits in Wolverine's gloves for his claws to pop out.

One item that has been shown since last year has finally been given the green light. The Original Trilogy Star Wars Collectible Poker Chip Set will finally be released later this year, and will cost $149. There have been some changes to the chips and the case design will also be will be modeled after Han Solo in Carbonite.

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Other Licensed Properties
Other properties besides Star wars were also on display, including various items from Pirates of the Caribbean, Chronicles of Narnia, and Disney. Click on the galleries below to check those out.

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