Star Wars: Jango Fett – Open Seasons #1
April 2002
22ppg, $2.99

Script: Haden Blackman
Penciler: Ramon F. Bachs
Inker: Raul Fernandez
Colorist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Digital Chameleon
Cover Colors: Edgar Delgado
Cover Colors: Raul Trevino
Book Design: Dave Nestelle
Book Design: Lia Ribacchi
Assistant Editor: Jeremy Barlow
Editor: Randy Stradley
Publisher: Mike Richardson

Count Dooku (appears as Darth Tyranus to Jango throughout), Darth Sidious

Kohlma, Dooku's fortress

Geonosian solar sailer

Count Dooku's lightsaber

There are a number of references to the previous 'history' of Boba Fett in this series. He had previously been established as being Jaster Mereel, a journeyman protector from Concord Dawn. Since Episode II was released this is obviously contradicted, but it has been chalked up in-universe as further mystery surrounding the bounty hunter, as he wears elements of Jaster's armor, passed down from Jango. As in all the previous stories regarding Boba Fett, where his face is never revealed, the same is true for Jaster Mereel in this series, except on his death bed.

This index assumes that the planet that Dooku's fortress is located on is one of Bogden's moons, per Jango's comment in Attack of the Clones regarding his place of recruitment for the clone project. Further Star Wars Insider #80 reveals that the name of the planet is Kohlma, as evidenced in the Bounty Hunter Video Game.

All issues of this series indicate on the inside cover that this story takes place 36 years prior to Attack of the Clones. Dark Horse's website lists all Jango Fett comics (including the Graphic Novel One Shot) at 5 years before Clones (27 years before A New Hope), which may be true for the Graphic Novel. These dates are contradicted by text in all the issues, which indicate the Frame story takes place 10 years prior to the Battle of Geonosis and other indicators listing the flashbacks occurring at 26, 20, and 2 years prior to that.

A reference to Galidraan is misspelled as Galidran in this issue.
Count Dooku's solar sailer cruises in for a landing just outside a large castle. He strides purposely across the catwalk between the landing platform and the front gate, slicing some tentacles off giant snakelike creature guarding the way. Entering his fortress, he is greeted by Lord Sidious wishing to have an update on the search for the prime clone. Dooku, in the guise of Lord Tyranus, informs his master that he has found Jango Fett, the last of the Mandalorians and an orphan, interrogated some former associates and investigated his homeworld. Dooku continues with his story...
Flashback, 22ppg, $2.99

Jango Fett (as 10 year old)

Jaster Mereel, Montross


Jango's dad (dies), Jango's mom (dies), Jango's sister (dies)

Concord Dawn

Mandalorians, Death Watch

magnetic land mine

Mandalorian speeder, Mandalorian tank, Harvester, landspeeder, troop speeder, Swoop bike

A group of Mandalorians, led by a man called Vizsla, splintered and became known as the Death Watch. They led a coup against the true Mandalorians, led by a killer-turned-leader Jaster Mereel, and scattered them on the planet of Concord Dawn, burning fields as they went.

A 10-year old Jango Fett is wandering through a crop field two days later when he discovers some footprints in the dirt. His father startles him and tells him to get back to work on the harvester. While making repairs Vizsla and his second in command, a Death watch member with blue shoulder pads, discover and interrogate Jango.

They take him back to their home where they proceed to beat Jango's dad, looking for information on the beggar that he saw in the field. The dad says he hasn't seen Jaster Mereel since he was exiled and took over the post of Journeyman Protector. When Jango is threatened by another Death Watch member, Jango's mom shoots him in the head. Jango's dad screams for Jango to run, which he does; far into the fields. He hears three gunshots as he races away, tears streaming from his eyes. Jaster steps out of the field and shoots the Death Watch members pursuing Jango.

Vizsla orders his second in command to burn the fields and kill Jango's sister. The field burns rapidly, but Jango leads Jaster and the Mandalorians to an irrigation tube, which they crawl through to safety. Jango then shows them where the nearest town is, and Jaster agrees to allow him to join them.

In town, the Death Watch rolls in on a tank, before they ship out to Moonus Mandel. One member pushes a crippled man, who proceeds to turn around and blast him -- a Mandalorian in disguise! Jaster orders Montross to open fire, while Jango crawls under the tank with a magnetic mine and blows it sky high. The Mandalorians continue to pick off the remaining Death Watch members. Jango takes care of the second in command personally. Unfortunately Vizsla has escaped. Jaster picks up Jango and takes him and the rest of the Mandalorians out of town.

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