Star Wars: Jango Fett – Open Seasons #4
July 2002
22ppg, $2.99

Script: Haden Blackman
Penciler: Ramon F. Bachs
Inker: Raul Fernandez
Colorist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Digital Chameleon
Cover Colors: Studio F
Book Design: Dave Nestelle
Book Design: Lia Ribacchi
Assistant Editor: Jeremy Barlow
Editor: Randy Stradley
Publisher: Mike Richardson

Jango Fett

Count Dooku

Kohlma, Dooku's fortress

Count Dooku's lightsaber

At a large table in Count Dooku's fortress on the moon of Bogden, the Sith and the Mandalorian, Jango Fett, discuss the offer for Fett to be the prime clone. Jango offers his distrust of the Jedi, since they killed all of his men on Galidraan. Using electromagnets in his gloves, he pulls his guns into his hands and covers Dooku, who has used the Force to retrieve his own lightsaber. Dooku indicates that Jango will make the perfect prime clone. Fett has another demand, and is in a great position to negotiate having introduced the Karatos plague into Dooku's system. He has the antidote on his ship, but it's linked to a self destruct mechanism that will activate if he is killed. Dooku agrees to give Jango what he wants, if he'll just tell him what happened to him after Galidraan. Jango recounts the events after he was captured by the Jedi on Galidraan.

After he is done, Dooku lets him know that he has neutralized the toxin, but will still keep his bargain. Jango asks him for an unaltered clone to raise as an apprentice; to be Jaster's Legacy. They shake hands on the deal for Fett to serve as the prime clone, to serve in the destruction of the Jedi. Jango agrees but still wants to make sure he will be paid.
Flashback, 22ppg, $2.99

dire cat

Droid assistant (to the Governor)

Galidraan, Corellia

Death Watch, Jedi

Death Watch starship, Escape pod

After being turned over to the Governor of Galidraan and being sold into slavery on a spice vessel, Jango escapes when the ship is attacked by pirates. He then breaks into the Governor's palace and steals his restored suit of Mandalorian armor, threatening the Governor with death unless he assists him in finding Vizsla.

The Death Watch ship with Vizsla, is near Corellia when another ship crashes into it's engines, disabling it, and Jango Fett rockets thru the main viewport. He races after Vizsla taking him down. As he is about to shoot him, Vizsla knocks his blasters away and attempts to gouge his throat. An explosion knocks them down and allows Fett to survive, but not before being knocked unconscious. Vizsla leaves him and orders all Death Watch to the escape pods. As he is about to activate his escape pod, Jango jumps in on him, ejecting the pod.

The pod crashes into a field on Corellia, and the two enemies battle across plain, rock and river. Vizsla injects Jango with some poison that will slow him down, but not kill him, and then continues to beat the stuffing out of him. Jango manages to slice open Vizsla's gut with his gauntlet knife. Vizsla is shocked but not concerned, until a mother dire-cat, that has been observing the fight, leaps on him, fangs and claws bared.

Time passes and Jango lays unconscious in the grasses of Corellia. The dire-cats sniff at him but leave him alone. The next morning three boys find him. He gets up, wounded, places a bacta patch on and walks off to find a job.

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