A Brief History of Scum
Rebelscum came about back in early 1996, when it was known as "Philip's Star Wars Pictures, Toys and Thoughts". Star Wars websites, much less Star Wars "collecting" websites, were few and far between in those early days. Originally a one-man operation run by Philip Wise, the site was started reporting on the toy collecting community in the greater Dallas, Texas area on November 20, 1996. With the arrival of the Star Wars Special Editions, the hobby began to really heat up, and Philip saw the need to expand the scope of his humble side project. It wasn't long before he began making regular collecting reports from all across the world.

In October of 1998 Chris Holoka came on the scene to aid Philip in creating an all-new site, one that would better accommodate the many facets that Pictures, Toys and Thoughts had been struggling to contain. This new website was dubbed "Rebelscum.com".

Philip is best known around here as the founder of Rebelscum. He lives in Texas. When not answering emails or figuring out what to add next to our publishing software, Philip can be found making heaps of sawdust in his woodworking shop or managing another website interest, TheForce.net.

Chris lives just outside Detroit, MI and, among other duties, is the resident graphics guru at Rebelscum. You can see more of his work over at Toshi Station.

Dustin has been actively involved in the online Star Wars collecting community for many years - and has written for more collecting sites than Luke's had resculpts. From the old school "Dustin's Figure Collection and News Page" to the popular "Twin Sun Times" to Yakface.com (and probably a few in between), we are very pleased to have his dedication to the hobby here at Rebelscum. Dustin lives in the Cincinnati, OH area.

Beyond his work in all sections of the Rebelscum Photo Archive, Dave acts as the key event photographer on the Rebelscum team, and has been shooting Toy Fair, San Diego Comic-Con, and Celebration for years. Joining the Rebelscum team in 2000, Dave was the first International member to report on all things Star Wars. He is prone to periods of playing hooky in favour of working on major feature films, such as Jennifer's Body, 50/50, and Night At The Museum, and photographing things not made of plastic or polystone.

Yet another Rebelscum Canuck, Shane has been involved in the Canadian toy scene on a variety of levels for over a decade. He is best known for his book The Force In The Flesh, Star Wars tattoo website tattoosandtoys.com, and his freelance writing for Star Wars Insider. Primarily a vintage Star Wars collector and prototype historian, Shane also collects vinyl and has a particular penchant for collecting some of the more oddball items that have been released under the Star Wars banner.

Jay lives outside Baltimore, MD but hails originally from Southern California. Having provided the initial slogan for Rebelscum.com, he is proud to be able to contribute to this amazing site. Having amassed a large collection of printed materials, Jay manages the Jedi Journals section, but other Star Wars related musings can be found at his site, RogueDesigner.net; which includes the comprehensive Comic Book Movie and Television Show Database.

Grahame is originally from the UK, but now resides in Vermont. He joined the team in February 2006 when his Collectors' Registry (mrcollectors.com) site became part of Rebelscum.com. Grahame focuses on collecting Star Wars replica props, and was also a 2004 and 2005 National Yo-Yo champion.

Chris Wyman
Chris, a resident of Florida, is obsessed with Star Wars plain and simple. From his passion for collecting to organizing large statewide events to simply watching the films, he doesn't do anything without striving to make it spectacular. He is a Rebelscum administrator, photographer and forum moderator who also reports news for TheForce.net and Rebelscum. In addition, he is the administrator of The Wedge Collection Engine and The Rebelscum Registry. On a more regional level, Chris formed the Tampa Star Wars Club in 2005 and then in 2009, merged his group with the Orlando System to form and co-found the Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance which covers the entire state of Florida. In 2010, Chris further fueled his passion by making the journey to the Jundland Wastes of Tatooine (Tunisia) with a group of 18 pioneers to visit original Star Wars filming locations. He currently co-hosts the Jedi Journals literature podcast with "Jovial" Jay Shepard and serves as an Official Pix team member at events throughout the year.

Adam Lamping
Another British expat, Adam now lives just outside Vancouver, Canada, a stone's throw from D. Martin Myatt. Adam was originally one-half of JediNews.co.uk, building the site and then contributing for nearly five years, also launching JediNews.ca in 2009 following his move from the UK. His primary collecting focus is Hasbro, though he also has a penchant for many other licensees such as Kotobukiya, Gentle Giant and Sideshow to name but a few. Joining the Rebelscum team in 2012, Adam works on the Hasbro Photo Archive and maintains the Hasbro checklists.

Paul Pritchard
Paul, Chris H. and Philip are all partners in Collecting Headquarters, which develops the content management software used to publish Rebelscum.com.

Rebelscum Slogan Contest Winners
Prior to the release of Rebelscum.com, we had a slogan contest.
Here are the very funny results.