Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith #2
May 2005
"Revenge of the Sith" part 2, 22ppg, $2.99

Story, Screenplay: George Lucas
Script: Chris Cerasi (writing as Miles Lane)
Artist: Doug Wheatley
Colorist: Chris Chuckry
Letterer: Michael David Thomas
Cover Artist: Dave Dorman
Book Design: Keith Wood
Associate Editor: Jeremy Barlow
Editor: Randy Stradley
Publisher: Mike Richardson

Boga (a varactyl)


Coruscant, Utapau, Galaxies Opera House

Clone troopers

Jedi Starfighter [Eta-3], Republic attack cruiser

clone turbo tank ("Juggernaut"), All Terrain Recon Transport (AT-RT walker), Republic attack gunship, wheel bike

This issue continues the official four issue adaptation of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. This issue was actually available prior to its street date of 4/13/2005, and was seen as early as 3/25/2004.

As with many film adaptations, this particular issue has a scene not included in the final film (but available on the DVD) which has a meeting of Yoda, Mace Windu and Obi-Wan in Yoda's apartment and Bail Organa's office meeting with Padmé and Mon Mothma. There is also a scene between Obi-Wan meeting Padmé at her apartment, and Obi-Wan securing his lizard mount, Boga.

Things that appear in this issue and issue #3 may take place in a slightly different order in the finished film, due to the nature of the editing process, and the fact that these comics were based off of the original screenplay.

Saleucami and Boz Pity are both mentioned. Both planets were featured in the Clone Wars comics for Republic #74-77 and Obsession #1-5.

Oppo Rancisis can be seen sitting in the Jedi Council chamber even though he died during the "Siege of Saleucami" in Republic #75.
Anakin awakes from a horrible dream that Padmé dies in childbirth. Padmé tries to console him and worries that if word gets out that they are married and with child, that he would be expelled from the Order. Anakin becomes defensive and tells her not to tell anyone, not even Obi-Wan.

In Yoda's chambers, the Jedi Master, Mace Windu and Obi-Wan discuss the shifting waves of the dark side. They fear the Chancellor is being influenced by the Sith. Mace concurs and feels that if the war does not end with destruction of Grievous, that they must remove Palpatine from office.

Anakin catches up with Obi-Wan later who informs him that he is concerned about dealings with the Chancellor. Palpatine has requested Anakin's presence but he would not say why, and this makes Kenobi wary. He reminds Anakin to watch his feelings in this matter.

At the Chancellor's office, Palpatine informs Anakin that the Senate will be placing him in control of the Jedi Council shortly. He feels the council fears Anakin and his power and tells the boy that he is looking out for him. To this end, he will be placing him on the council as his personal representative.

In Senator Bail Organa's office, the Alderaanian, Mon Mothma and Padmé discuss the future of the Republic. Padmé can't believe the words she hears coming from her friends. She wishes to remain out of the loop on their eventual plans. Bail agrees and says they must tell no one.

The Jedi Council is in session and confirms Anakin's place on the council, but does not grant him the rank of Master. He is shocked, but composes himself as Ki-Adi-Mundi reports in on their search for Grievous in the outer rim. Yoda elects to travel to Kashyyyk to aide the wookiees under attack by the droid armies.

On the way out of the Council, Anakin and Obi-Wan discuss Anakin's promotion. Obi-Wan reminds Anakin that he told him there were tensions between the Chancellor and the Council. Anakin feels it's due to jealousy towards him, but Kenobi reminds him that they are responsible to the Senate and not its leader. He asks the younger Jedi to spy on the Chancellor, which Anakin feels he cannot do.

Anakin and Padmé share an intimate moment on her verandah. She questions whether the side they are on is the right one. Anakin tells her she's talking like a Separatist. She begs him to persuade the Chancellor to stop the war.

That evening at the Galaxies Opera House, Anakin admits to Palpatine that the Council asked him to spy on the Chancellor. Palpatine explains the perceived differences between the Jedi and the Sith, good and evil. he also recounts the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis who could actually save someone from death. When Anakin expresses interest in this technique, Palpatine tells him it's not possible to learn it from a Jedi.

At Padmé's apartment, Obi-Wan expresses his concern for his friend. He doesn't get far when Mace informs him that Grievous has been spotted on Utapau, and he must depart. Kenobi begs Padmé to help Anakin however she can.

Anakin and Obi-Wan bid each other well, as the elder Jedi leaves on his mission. Back in Padmé's apartment, Anakin becomes agitated that she would be seeing Obi-Wan secretly. He expresses his need for more power, to save Padmé from death. She only wants him just as he is.

Landing on Utapau, Kenobi discovers that Grievous is holed up on Level 10, and secures a lizard mount named Boga to take him there. He discovers Grievous who attacks Kenobi with four lightsabers. Obi-Wan quickly disarms his opponent, but loses his lightsaber.

In the ensuing struggle between the Jedi and the droid General, Obi-Wan manages to rip off the General's protective chest plate. As the General attacks, Kenobi uses the Force to retrieve a blaster and shoot the cyborg dead.

Palpatine tells Anakin that Grievous is defeated, and he knows that Anakin has been asked to report on his reaction. Palpatine speaks of truth and the Force. When Anakin asks how he knows of the Force, Palpatine tells him that his mentor taught him all about it, including the Dark Side!

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