Posted by Jay on August 9, 2010 at 09:14 PM CST
Spencer Brinkerhoff III is that "new" guy that you think you've know forever. With a long love of action figures and Saturday morning cartoons, he made the dangerous leap into the unknown as an art major in college, but had no idea how to get a job from it. After receiving enough rejection letters to wallpaper his office, his art dreams were shelved and he spent the next 10 (TEN!) years making icons of routers and switches to help students obtain their Cisco Certified Networking Administers certification (YAWN).

During that time he kept tinkering with his art and illustration work as well as his animation and video work but it was just tinkering. Then, at the prompting of his college friend Jessica Hickman, he decided late in 2007 that drawing some sketch cards might be a good way to sharpen his illustration skills. Getting paid $1.50/card is by no stretch of the imagination a new career, but it was good to get back to the drawing board. At that same time he started sketching again, he threw on his directors hat and wrote, shot, edited and starred in a video contest that won him a fully restored, Burt Reynolds edition Trans Am! The blessing and the curse came as he received a new car AND a pink slip within a week of each other.

With a bit of free time on his hands early in 2008 (laid off!), Spencer began working on more sketch card sets that included Indiana Jones and The Clone Wars. Working on these Lucasfilm properties garnered him an invitation to Celebration Japan and his first opportunity to create a limited edition print as well as his first shot at being an exhibitor. It was at Celebration Japan that he learned that his print had caused a bit of chatter on a site previously unknown him called the RebelScum forums. He flew right from his debut as an exhibitor in Japan to be in artist alley at the San Diego Comic-Con for the first time. He was also there to show off his animated short that was a finalist in the Star Wars Fan Movie challenge (where he was soundly defeated by the Juggernaut that IS the ForceCast!). 2009 launched the Star Wars Artist series on Zazzle and his second Lucasfilm print through Acme. It also saw Spencer's move from artist alley at the San Diego Comic-Con to the exhibitor floor as a guest of the Wildstar Tempest booth #4613.

So here we are introducing his third Lucasfilm print in 3 years. This Celebration V print completes a series of scenes from the original trilogy titled after quotes from Han Solo. Joining "Sorry about the Mess" and "I know" comes "That bad, huh?". Measuring 12x24 and priced at $50, the print will be limited to 250 pieces. Check out this YouTube video of the print. You can get a look his artwork on his website and in his online store.

Just like the San Diego Comic-Con, Spencer has moved from the artist alley at the Star Wars Celebration to be on the exhibitors floor at booth #337.

UPDATE: From Spencer: "You can jump into my booth and have a 5x7 photo taken and personalized for $20 or commission a vintage backed sketch card for $30. And, if all goes according to plan, my newly licensed t-shirt design will debut at the convention. And ALSO, I shot a 5 part series documenting the building of my TK helmet for the Make-A-Wish auction, which you can view on my site!" Whew!!
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