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2013 UK Toy Fair Overview by Hattie

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They are not revealing any figures. Those will be revealed at the New York Toy Fair. The representative I spoke with hinted that the new figures are going to be based around the 3D releases, that's all I could get out of them. Only one I got pictures of is the Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader figure with light up lightsaber. Depending on when it's Anakin or Vader it lights up blue or red and you can add the armour.

Darth Vader voice changer which they had a cardboard mock up of and red/blue/green lightsabers.

Also had Star Wars Angry Birds. Currently have launch packs and Millennium Falcon. Coming soon is the Darth Vader Jenga, Star Destroyer & Tie Fighter sets which will be out Autumn/Winter.


6" R2-D2, Chewie, Yoda, Darth Vader

Plush Figures - Boba Fett, Wicket, C-3PO, Figrin Da'n, come with sound effects.

Angry Birds bobble heads

Angry birds mugs

Angry birds 3D jigsaw.

Esdevium Games

X -Wing game. Comes with model X-Wing & TIE fighter. Already on sale. Expansion packs coming in February include Millennium Falcon, A-Wing, Y-Wing, Slave I, TIE Interceptor. Great thing about these is that they are all to scale! Star Wars card game is out at the moment. Star Wars jigsaws in 3D are all sold out at the moment ;(


Battle of Hoth. Luke & Wedge race round track avoiding AT AT's. Coming out in July/August 2013. Selling at #80


Remote control infaltable R2-D2. Last year it was voted No. 1 most popular toy at the Toy Fair. Also had inflatbale Android and dispictable Me. They had a prototype R5-D4 which has removable legs and they are hoping to have this out in June 2013.


Inflatable R2-D2 ride on toy. Already on sale.

Uncle Milton / Impact Global Solutions

Star Wars Science

they have another Darth Vader voice changer, complete with lights, sits on desk. Episode III Obi-Wan Vs. Darth Vader battle which you can create volcano ereuption with bicarbonate of soda and food colouring.

Infra red Force Battle Trainer. Using infra red to "force push" the battle droids over. Everyone's dream?

Lightsaber room lights and dark side detector. Switch on the light saber and will glow red blue or green. It's not based on your mood at the time ;)

Star Cutouts

Had to take a picture of the Stormtrooper aiming at Justin Bieber's head!


Have Star Wars Angry Birds playing cards in collecting tins. On sale now. Also available without tins.

Star Wars weapons playing cards. Designed by their US team. I quite liked these as it's different but the Cartamundi ladies thought it was a bit brutal. Also Star Wars Battles playing cards with pictures from different fights in the saga. Also by US team.

Star Wars Good vs Evil Complete saga playing cards. Has paintings rather than pictures, designed by UK team.

Star Wars Ralph McQuarrie playing cards. Original movie illustrations, designed by UK team.

The Clone Wars Happy families -like the happy families game in The Clone Wars series.

The Clone Wars Match Game - Like snap in The Clone Wars series. Last 2 designed by their german team.


Doing LEGO star wars torches. Some already out in shops, apparently did really well in Sainsburys. Already on sale key ring torches Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Stormtrooper & Yoda 6.99. Coming in Autumn are C-3PO, R2-D2, Boba Fett & Captain Rex. Darth Vader table lamp 19.99 Stormtrooper & Darth Vader large torches already out, Boba Fett & Yoda coming in Autumn.

Star Wars DaGeDar

Sort of like marbles. You can collect 161 different DaGeDar including rare and ultra rare ones. Come with tracks like battle of Geonosis 19.99, Assault of Hoth comes in 3 packs at 29.99 each which can be put together for a MEGA set. Death Star trench run with double loop, round the corner, through the planet and down the trench to destroy the Death Star avoiding TIE Fighters and gun turrets. This was really cool! (price to be confirmed) Also has R2-D2 projector. Put your DaGeDar on top and shows small clip on DaGeDar design from films. Very different. Launching in July August 2013.
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