Posted by Jobi-Wan on March 11, 2024 at 08:49 AM CST
This is the way, Rebel Scum! We were a little surprised to see this bit of news clatter across the old Rebel Scum news desk. It's not too often we mention the Bradford Exchange or any of their affiliates, but here we are! Ashton-Drake is offering a mid-level priced life-size Grogu figure that's worth checking out. I think it's interesting that they're emphasizing that this is a life-size figure, as opposed to a statue or replica. It doesn't feature a "photo real" likeness like we've seen in offerings from other companies, but I don't think that's what Ashton-Drake is going for. The poseability and articulation is nice and sets it apart from other life-size models.

Ahston-Drake Grogu Collector’s Edition Portrait Figure

Ashton-Drake, known for their realism and artistry in portrait figures, is proud to introduce their newest creation—the Grogu Collector’s Edition Portrait Figure. The culmination of countless hours of research, design work, and handcraftsmanship, it is a striking 1:1 scale homage to the beloved character.

Since debuting in Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Grogu—originally known as “The Child”—has been delighting audiences with a mysterious backstory and adorable appearance. With this portrait figure, fans can now bring home an exciting collector’s edition tribute crafted with the passion and attention-to-detail Ashton-Drake is famous for.

Key Features:
• Price: $199.95 plus S&H
• Impressive sizing: A 1:1 scale 15.4675” height.
• Handcraftsmanship: Multiple layers of hand painting and dry brushing with hand-applied “fuzz” hair.
• Remarkable character resemblance: Hand-painted eyes, an endearing smile, and textured skin capture Grogu’s charming appearance and personality.
• Superior materials: Comes to life in premium artist’s resin, with replica fabric costuming.
• Posability: Articulated at head and shoulders for dynamic displays.

This Grogu Portrait Figure, complete with prized Razor Crest shifter knob, is backed by Ashton-Drake’s 365-Day guarantee and available at an exceptional price. To learn more and secure your own, visit today.

About Ashton-Drake: Ashton-Drake, an affiliate of the Bradford Exchange, has been enthusiasts’ go-to source of lifelike dolls and collectibles for over 35 years. Offering the finest artistry, premium materials, and creative innovations, they proudly serve customers worldwide.

What do you think Rebel Scum?
How do you feel about this being specifically offered as a large figure instead of a statue?
Do you think it fits the $200 price point?
Share your thoughts in the forums!

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