Posted by Curto on June 18, 2007 at 09:10 PM CST
Collector Panel: Unproduced Toys
Monday, May 28, 10:00am
Gus Lopez

One of the last collector panels of Celebration IV, this one takes us on a journey into the "what if" world of Star Wars collectibles. Items that were in various stages of production before they were canceled. While many of these items were covered at Celebration III, there were number of new items shown in the presentation.

Here's a rundown of what was shown:

Vintage Toys
  • Rocket Firing Boba Fett (both L-slot and J-slot backpacks)
  • Star Tots (Star Wars Preschool Toys): Princess Leia and C-3Po in Landspeeder, Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 in X-Wing Fighter
  • C-3PO walkie-talkie (wooden prototype)
  • Han Solo Blaster squirt gun (prototype made from original Kenner toy)
  • Large Size Action Figure Boba Fett concept sketch (all-white armor, similar to Stormtroopers)
  • Wind-up C-3PO, Han SOlo Hoth, Lando Calrissian, Luke Bespin
  • Princess Leia Bespin Gown, complete with packaging layout
  • More Large Size figures with alternate outfits...some from the films, most not
  • Talking Yoda doll & Yoda hand puppet (various head sculpts)
  • Several different playsets ion the vintage Micro Collection, including the Bacta Chamber, Bespin Torture Chamber, Jabba Boiler Room, Jabba Throne Room (including original drawing designs!) and figure 4ups of C-3PO, Gamorrean Guard, Power Droid, Luke X-Wing, R2-D2, Bespin Security Guards)

    Other Items
  • Gyroscopic Lightsaber
  • The Empire Strikes Back LED handheld electronic games original artwork for backplates
  • Return of the Jedi Atari and Intellivision game boxes
  • Plush Salacious Crumb
  • Death Star battle game (prototype and box design)
  • Power of the Force logos (check out our Saga of the Lost Logos special report for more of these)
  • Power of the Force coin album & 63rd coin
  • Carded samples of Lando Calrissian, Prubne Face, Greedo, Cloud Car Pilot, Bossk
  • A-Wing Fighter proof sheet
  • Power of the Force/Droids lightsaber mock up
  • Power of the Force Laser Rifle Laser Rifle

    Unproduced Action Figure Designs
  • Luke Skywalker Jedi Robes early action figure design
  • Electronic R2-D2
  • Leia Boushh with rocket-firing backpack
  • Yarna d'al Garghan sculpt and hardcopy headdress and skirt
  • DROIDS C-3PO figure case
  • DROIDS and EWOKS series figures and companion droids
  • DROIDS White Witch

    Modern Items
  • Action Masters Snowtrooper
  • Bend-Ems Jawa
  • Illusive Concepts Rancor bursting through the wall
  • Shadows of the Empire card designs
  • Shadows of the Empire Prince Xizor's Virago vehicle
  • Riddell helmet lamps (most likely not made because they heat up and melt!)
  • Jabba the Hutt bean bag chair (really works!)
  • Busch Muscle Machines 1/24 1971 Chevy Z-28 Camaro

    None of the photos I took turned out that great, but if you want to see them anyway, let me know and I'll show them off.