Posted by D. Martin on January 5, 2015 at 11:09 AM CST
With Celebration Anaheim only a few months away we figured it was time to show off the swag we came up with this time. I had so much fun doing the micro pin for Celebration VI I wanted to come up with something new this time around. A few weeks after Celebration VI I started working again with Jarrod Clark to help me come up with something fun for Celebration Anaheim. We wanted to keep it in the vintage era, so we came up with a Darth Vader puzzle patch. We picked the figure carrying case for one simple reason, it was what you were carrying your figures in as a kid. We broke the Vader case into 7 different pieces, one for every classic Kenner toy line that had a different logo. The 7 pieces are Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Micro Collection, Return of the Jedi, The Power of the Force, Droids, and Ewoks.

We made a limited run of 100 full sets to be given away. The sponsors will be giving out 25 of their patches each of the four days. All you have to do is track down each person and just ask them if they have any patches left. If you’re lucky you will have found them before they passed out there 25 for the day. Below you will find a list of the sponsors and a picture of them to help you on your hunt. If the sponsors want to help you out, maybe they will tweet or post some of the things they plan on doing to help you in your quest.

One full set of patches is being donated to the Star Wars Collectors Archive’s podcast party to be raffled off for charity. If you want to complete this all at once and not spend all weekend looking for people this will be your only chance. So buy your ticket(s) for the Archive party as soon as you can.

Patch sponsors are:
Yehuda Kleinman - Star Wars
Jon Peck - The Empire Strikes Back
Josh Blake - Micro Collection
Chris Botkins - Return of the Jedi
Shawn Kemple - The Power of the Force
Bill Byers – Droids
Jarrod Clark – Ewoks

I'm sorry to say I will be sitting out on the puzzle patches this time around. My hand is in too may pots and as much as I wanted to do this I am working on a few other things for celebration. Please keep posted I will drop that info soon.

Thanks MicroRob
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