Posted by Dustin on November 28, 2020 at 10:15 PM CST
Entertainment Earth was kind enough to send over the latest wave of Funko Pop!'s from season two of The Mandalorian, here is a quick review.

402 - The Mandalorian with The Child
First up is Funko Star Wars Pop! #402 featuring The Mandalorian blasting into flight with his jet pack while holding onto The Child, who undoubtably is enjoying every moment of it. I love how the base is the plume from the jetpack, slightly lifting him off the shelf or desk if you decide to display the collectible loose. That's one thing I really enjoy about Funko Pop!'s, you can easily remove them from packaging for loose display without destroying the packaging. Tired of Kylo Ren on the shelf? Pack him back up, and swap him out for a freshie from The Mandalorian!

403 - Cara Dune
The third rendition of Cara Dune features a new hair design, and shows her wearing Captain Teva’s own Alliance badge he left behind for her. Sorry no spoilers here, you have to watch The Mandalorian! Cara sports a casual pose holding her blaster looking for the next fool to step up for a smack down.

404 - The Mythrol
When we last saw The Mythrol, he was frozen in Carbonite in season one of The Mandalorian. Unfrozen and dragged back into the action with The Mandalorian, the Mythrol has a somewhat worried look on his face as he wonders how he keeps getting intertwined in the crazy adventures of The Mandalorian.

405 - The Child
The eighth rendition of The Child from The Mandalorian features the lil fella sitting in the sack, patiently waiting for someone to pick him up and give him some hugs!

406 - Gamorrean Fighter
Here is a character we haven't seen before in the Star Wars universe, a Gamorrean Fighter. Far from the dungeons of Jabba's Palace, these Gamorreans fight for sport with their vibro axe's as spectators look on. The Funko version shows just that as this warrior holds his vibro axe and is posed ready for whoever steps into the ring.

All of these Funko Star Wars: The Mandalorian Pop!'s are available for purchase at Entertainment Earth. I get my Pop's from Entertainment Earth because they guarantee mint condition collectibles for fans and have a 90 day hassle free return policy.
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