Posted by Curto on April 7, 2009 at 12:54 PM CST
Dark Horse has sent out solicitations for their July 2009 titles, including 5 Star Wars comics, plus some other cool titles for sci-fi fans!

Tom Taylor (W), Colin Wilson (A), Wes Dzioba (C), and Jo Chen (Cover)
On sale July 1
FC, 40 pages

A new series comes to Dark Horse’s Star Wars line! After its special sixteen-page preview on, Star Wars: Invasion continues in print!

This series is set twenty-five years after the Battle of Yavin. The Jedi, and the galaxy, are facing their first real threat since the Sith were defeated: an invasion of hostile warriors called the Yuuzhan Vong.

The forces of the New Republic and the fledgling New Jedi Order stand ready to face the invaders, but they’ve never seen anything like the Yuuzhan Vong! Luke Skywalker is about to discover that it’s not his galaxy anymore . . .

• Free online preview story on

A new era in Star Wars comics!

Henry Gilroy (W), Steven Melching (W), Scott Hepburn (P), Dan Parsons (I), and Michael E. Wiggam (C)
On sale July 15
FC, 40 pages

In the first part of a three-issue story, the Republic’s air superiority on the world of Khorm is rendered moot by storms of unnatural origin. Grounded, Jedi Kit Fisto and Plo Koon plan a daring assault mission with a squad of tougher-than-nails Republic Commandos. But if going up against determined and dug-in Separatist forces wasn’t enough, the Jedi must also contend with a glory-seeking young Republic officer in their midst, Captain Kendal Ozzel.

• The Clone Wars returns to Cartoon Network this fall for its second season!

John Jackson Miller (W), Bong Dazo (A), Benjamin Carré (Cover), and Michael Atiyeh (C)
On sale July 15
FC, 40 pages

An unprecedented new adventure begins—leaving former Padawan Zayne Carrick clinging to the side of a comet!

When Zayne and crew infiltrate a comet mine, his partner Gryph believes it’s another clever con to capture some quick cash. Little does Gryph know, Zayne and Jarael have other intentions—like rescuing the miners enslaved by this ruthless mining operation.

Of course, the noble intentions of the team will all be for naught if their plot is discovered. Swimming through stardust is no place to be when enemy ships open fire!

“Action-packed plots and dynamic artwork.” —School Library Journal

Mick Harrison (W), Douglas Wheatley (A/Cover), and Dave McCaig (C)
On sale July 29
FC, 40 pages

Former Jedi Dass Jennir accepts a job that puts him on a collision course with not one, but two deadly outlaw gangs!

For the first time in print, here are the introductory chapters to “Blue Harvest” from MySpace Dark Horse Presents. The sixteen pages of story are presented two ways: first in color as they appeared online, and again in their raw, penciled beauty.

As fans of Dark Times know, Douglas Wheatley’s art is rich with detail, and Dark Horse has received many requests to reproduce the art in its original form.

STAR WARS: LEGACY #38—TATOOINE part 2 (of 4)
John Ostrander (W), Jan Duursema (P), Dan Parsons (I), Brad Anderson (C), and Chris Warner (Cover)
On sale July 29
FC, 40 pages

Living a pirate’s life is as easy as bilaberry patogga when you’re an ex-Jedi with loyal compatriots—especially if you’re stealing from Black Sun pirates who are stealing from the Empire. Well, it is until both sides figure out your game.

Now under the scrutiny of Black Sun and the Empire, Cade Skywalker and crew are anxious to get away from Tatooine. Agents Gunner Yage and Morrigan Corde are hot on Cade’s trail, one of them still having a chip on her shoulder from a past encounter. And Black Sun’s Vigo is planning something special for Cade and the Imperial agents. If only the Mynock’s engines would start, all this trouble could be left behind . . .

“Star Wars: Legacy [is] a book beautifully illustrated by Jan Duursema and inked by Dan Parsons.” —The Washington Times


For science fiction fans everywhere, here are a few adidtional comics coming out that you might want to keep an eye out for, including one that I'm particularly excited about...the return of Alien Legion!!!!


Mark Evanier (W) and Ethen Beavers (A)

On sale Sept 23
FC, 88 pages
TPB, 5 1/4" x 7 1/2"

When sixteenth-century stone carvings of animals start to go missing from museums across the globe, authorities think it’s a simple case of burglary. But Indiana Jones and Marcus Brody think otherwise. Legend has it that the statues serve as a key to finding a mysterious ruby, which is said to make its bearer invincible. It’s up to Indy to find the statues and the ruby before it falls into the wrong hands!

• Kid friendly and brimming with the very best parts of Indiana Jones, this book is perfect for anyone looking for stunning visuals, thrill-a-minute storytelling, and one unmistakable archaeologist!

ALIENS #2 (of 4)
John Arcudi (W), Zach Howard (P/Cover), and Mark Irwin (I)
On sale July 22
FC, 32 pages

A strange, abandoned city of impossible scale lies ready to give up its secrets, but at what cost? Jealously guarded by a half-mad group of planetary prospectors, the labyrinthine necropolis may be a treasure trove of incomparable wealth, or a funeral complex with no exit, as an archaeological team from Earth discovers too late. But these off-planet interlopers soon become the least of the prospectors’ worries, as their priceless possession offers up a monstrous surprise of murderous beasts from the darkest abyssal nightmare . . . and the prospectors only hope may lie in the unmarked graves of those they themselves betrayed.

• Rising again from the darkness, the horror of Aliens returns to the comics world. Aliens is but the first act in the relaunch of all three classic Dark Horse/Fox comics series.

Featured in Free Comic Book Day!

Alan Zelenetz (W), Frank Cirocco (A), Chris Warner (A), Terry Shoemaker (A), Terry Austin (A), and Randy Emberlin (A)
On sale Sept 9
FC, 352 pages
TPB, 6" x 9"

Footsloggers and soldiers of fortune, priests, poets, killers, and cads—they fight for a future Galarchy, for cash, for a cause, for the thrill of adventure. Culled from the forgotten and unwanted of three galaxies, they are trained to be the most elite, and expendable, of fighting forces. Sometimes peacekeepers, sometimes shock troops, the Legion is sent into the Galarchy’s most desperate internal and external conflicts. Legionnaires live rough and they die hard, tough as tungsten and loyal to the dirty end.

• Alien Legion Omnibus Volume 1 features over three hundred story pages of the groundbreaking series and lays cover fire for a new Alien Legion series from Dark Horse slated to begin in late 2009!