Posted by Curto on January 31, 2006 at 09:56 PM CST
Here are the details on one of the figures that makes up the Battle of Geonosis wave.

SAGA 021: Scorch (Republic Commando)
Earned Nickname: Accidentally torching his eyebrows
Skill: Explosives technician
Known as: Delta's resident wiseacre
Bio: When the battle begins on Geonosis, clone trooper Scorch is ordered to engage the Sepratist droid army. Scorch's Delta number is Six-Two, but he is known for his humorous mishaps. Although he is a competent soldier and an excellent explosives technician, "Scorch" earned his nickname after an ordance accident that left him without eyebrows for a short time.

Special thanks to Michael Mullins from for the details and photos.
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