Posted by Jeremy on January 21, 2020 at 11:19 AM CST
One of the expectations of The Rise of Skywalker was that we'd learn a bit more about the Knights of Ren. Were they the ex-students of Jedi training school that Luke Skywalker set up? Maybe these warriors were some kind of mysterious Sith knight order, as the antithesis of the Jedi knights?

Whatever they were they're all gone now, wiped out at the hands of their leader - the Ren known as Kylo - when he returned to the Light Side and became Ben Solo once more. Such a tangled web of manipulation, lies, deceit and retribution.

Though their remains lie beneath the shattered Sith temple on Exegol, you can enjoy these Funko POP! vinyl characitures of this gang of Force-sensitive marauders, who have created hematite chrome versions of each - complete with their weapons of choice: axe, scythe, blaster, club, cannon and blade - and priced them at an affordable $12.99.

Funko POP! Vinyl Knight of Ren: Axe Funko POP! Vinyl Knight of Ren: Scythe Funko POP! Vinyl Knight of Ren: Blaster Funko POP! Vinyl Knight of Ren: Club Funko POP! Vinyl Knight of Ren: Cannon Funko POP! Vinyl Knight of Ren: Blade

These are all available now through Entertainment Earth now, and ordering through the links provided will help Rebelscum continue to bring you the Star Wars news you need.

Just over a year ago we asked you what Star Wars milestone you were looking forward to in 2019 the most - now we are wondering if your feelings have changed. So, what was your favourite Star Wars moment of last year?
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