Posted by D.†Martin on June 18, 2018 at 02:14 PM CST
San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Announcement #4

Yoda (Concept Series) Mini Bust

Continuing our long running line of convention exclusive mini busts based on the early concept art of the original Star Wars Trilogy, Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to unveil the 2018 Yoda (Concept Series) Mini Bust.

The early designs and illustrations of Yoda share similarities to that of the final version seen in The Empire Strikes Back. The original concepts contain several familiar elements of the character such as his wise eyes, his robes and his cane that made it through to the final production. This mini bust explores a fascinating look into the early conceptual development of one of science fictionís most beloved Jedi Masters.

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Designed, modeled and prototyped using top of the line 3D technology, the 1:6th scale Yoda (Concept Series) mini bust is hand cast, hand-painted and hand-numbered with a limited edition Certificate of Authenticity.

The Yoda (Concept Series) mini bust will be available exclusively at our booth (booth #3513) at San Diego Comic Con July 18th-22nd. However, we have set aside a limited quantity of them for current members of our 2018 Premier Guild Collectors club. Even if you are not able to attend Comic Con 2018 you can still join the Premier Guild and order one (while available) and we will ship it to you after the convention*. The Yoda (Concept Series) mini bust is available to pre-order for ALL 2018 Premier Guild members starting today at 12noon pst for Platinum Premier Guild Members. Tomorrow 6/19 at 9:30 am PST ordering will open for Gold (and Platinum) members. Orders for all Premier Guild Members will open at 9:30am PST on Wednesday 6/20. You can go to to find out more information or to sign up for the Premier Guild.
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