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ForceCast Podcast Application Now Available In Apple iTunes App Store

The team behind the popular Star Wars podcast The ForceCast ( announced today the availability of an application for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch devices. The application, currently selling for $2.99 in the Apple App Store via iTunes, offers the most convenient and reliable way to access The ForceCast's news, commentary, interviews, and in-depth discussion about the Star Wars films and universe using a portable device. Whether connected by Wi-Fi, 3G, or EDGE, ForceCast app users are always connected to the latest episodes of the #1 Star Wars related podcasts on the internet, including The Weekly ForceCast, The Clone Wars Roundtable, A Galaxy of Music, Specials, Microcasts and more.

iPhone/iPod Touch Application Features Include:

- Access to the latest episodes and the entire archived back catalog
- Ability to stream episodes from anywhere AND resume playback (when interrupted by a call or other distraction)
- Ability to download episodes directly to the device and play them when offline
- Ability to mark episodes as "Favorites" to listen to again and again
- Ability to call or e-mail the show with your questions and comments right from your device (Call feature for iPhone only)
- Ability to follow ForceCast updates on Twitter, Facebook, and more

Plus, as an exclusive, ForceCast app users will have access to bonus content not available anywhere else.

ForceCast Podcasts Application on iTunes
ForceCast on Twitter
ForceCast on Facebook

About The ForcecCast
ForceCast podcasts are the number-one downloaded Star Wars-themed podcasts currently in production. Hosted by Jason Swank, co-hosted and produced by Jimmy "Mac" McInerney, the Weekly ForceCast podcast features news, commentary, and discussion about the Star Wars films and universe. Most episodes are recorded with a live online audience and distributed later via direct download. Other ForceCast podcasts include:

- Specials - exclusive event coverage and reports, including film premieres and conventions.
- Microcasts - shows focused on specific aspects of Star Wars fandom, such as toy collecting, comics, books and more. Also includes "In The Cantina" interviews with stars from the Star Wars universe and beyond.
- A Galaxy of Music - the best in Star Wars-inspired music by a variety of artists.
- The Clone Wars Roundtable - in-depth discussions examining each new episode of the hit Cartoon Network series, The Clone Wars.

All ForceCast podcasts are professionally produced and supported by a loyal listener base and are regularly featured on the list of top podcasts on iTunes. ForceCast podcasts have also been favorably reviewed on the web, in newspapers, and other media outlets.

Guests featured on previous shows include: George Lucas, Mark Hamill, Frank Oz, Billy Dee Williams, Jake Lloyd, Anthony Daniels, Ray Park, Dave Filoni, Henry Gilroy, Ashley Eckstein, Dave Prowse, Jeremy Bulloch, Steve Sansweet, Temuera Morrison, Daniel Logan, Chris Rock, Seth Green, Peter Mayhew, Kyle Newman, and many, many more.

Due to the shows' heavy involvement in a grass-roots marketing campaign, The ForceCast was honored with a "Special Thanks" credit in the film Fanboys from The Weinstein Company.

In 2008 and 2009, the Weekly ForceCast was nominated for a Podcast Award in the TV/Film category.

ForceCast podcasts continue to travel all over the globe covering Star Wars conventions and events, including previous stops in Japan, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Columbus, and more.

About The Hosts:

Jason Swank cannot remember life without Star Wars. Born in August 1977, his love of the galaxy far, far began as a result of growing up with an older brother and three older cousins who were all obsessed with the movies--especially the toys. While the four of them eventually grew out of their Star Wars obsession, Jason never did. He was in college (The Ohio State University, '96-'00) when he first discovered the world of online Star Wars fandom. Sites such as TheForce.Net and deepened his passion for the Star Wars franchise and helped build his excitement for the Special Edition and Prequel releases. When the opportunity arose to host a podcast associated with these legendary fan sites, he jumped at it. Jason began co-hosting The Weekly ForceCast in September 2006 with fellow co-host and friend Pete Nadel. Shortly thereafter radio veteran Jimmy "Mac" McInerney came on board as show Producer. When Pete left the show in the fall of 2008, Jimmy stepped in as full time co-host. When not in front of the mic, Jason is in the field of Marketing and Public Relations and lives with his wife Debra and daughter Bailey in Canton, Ohio.

Jimmy "Mac" McInerney was an eight year old growing up in the Chicago area in '77, when he fell in love with Star Wars at first sight and since then, he has always wanted to be involved in George Lucas' Galaxy Far, Far Away. After establishing a career as a radio producer and broadcaster, (even hosting and producing a Star Wars radio special for CBS in '05), Jimmy discovered podcasting would finally provide him with a way to give back to the Star Wars fan community. Now, as co-host and producer of The ForceCast, he finally has an outlet to combine his two biggest passions: Star Wars and radio broadcasting. Check out The ForceCast archives for Jimmy's interviews with Star Wars celebs and editions of the popular "Galaxy of Music" series, which features music, parodies, and comedy from the Star Wars Universe. "I've become something of the Dr. Demento of Star Wars," Jimmy quips. In 2008, Jimmy wrote and produced the animated short film "The George Lucas Hip Hop Awards." The short won the Star Wars Fan Film Award in both the Best Animation and Fans' Choice categories at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con. Jimmy Mac lives in the Chicago area with his wife Wendy, and their two sons, Michael and Dylan.

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