Posted by Nick on May 10, 2017 at 05:47 PM CST
GameStop let me pre-order Lando Calrissian and as many Royal Guards as I wanted to satisfy my troop building requirements. The GameStop price is $22.99 and you need to put down a $5 deposit. For some reason the Tusken Raider from this wave, the non-40th version, is not available for pre-order. I did not inquire about Qui-Gon Jinn.

I also tried asking at another GameStop in the area for any pre-orders and that store was unable to pre-order anything besides the exclusive Inferno Squad solider. It may be limited to some stores, or more likely it is the result of familiarity with the system. A manager that happened to be working the desk handled my pre-orders, while at the other store some much younger employee said he did not see anything other than the Inferno Squad figure.

Now this all being said, it is unclear if GameStop will receive sufficient quantities to satisfy all of these pre-orders. With previous waves they often only got one or two shipments and never reordered figures. Time will tell. They told me that the tentative release date is June 1st, so I will let you know. If any of you are successful with pre-ordering anything not on the GameStop site, please let us know. Until next time Scummers.
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