Posted by Curto on September 7, 2011 at 08:00 PM CST
As part of Hasbro's Q&A session, Rebelscum passed on 2 of your burning questions and now we've got the answers for you.

Rebelscum: In the most recent Q&A, one of the fan sites asked to see official carded images of the Vintage Collection Dr. Evazan, Ponda Baba, Bastila Shan, Nom Amor, Kithaba, Aayla Secura and the 501st Clone Trooper figures. Your response was (and I quote), "San Diego Comic-Con is almost here…just a little while longer…" Now, while we did see the carded images for Bastilla Shan and Ponda Baba, those images were actually released prior to the show. However, SDCC has come and gone and we have still not seen final carded images of Dr. Evazan, Kithaba, Nom Anor, Aayla Secura and the 501st Clone. Was this an oversight? Since these figures are in such high demand by collectors, can we at least see the final carded images for them as it will make the wait for this delayed wave go by a little faster?

Hasbro: Since the timing for this wave of figures has moved from 2011 to 2012 our packaging dates have been in flux. We will make carded images available as soon as possible.

Rebelscum: A while back, you said that we would get a updated Luke Skywalker on the Jabba's Palace cardback, presumably with cloak, blaster and the correct belt. Fast forward to now and we still haven't seen that. Are you skipping that figure/plan and just putting that figure on the "Lightsaber Repair Scene" with an added wrench? Or will the Jabba's Luke come later, using the Repair Scene mold, with appropriate accessories?

Hasbro: Correct, with the Blu-ray excitement we prioritized the deleted scene Luke over the Jabba's Palace Luke. The Jabba's Palace Luke is not currently in the line-up, but we agree it would be a strong addition to the Vintage line.

Got any burning Star Wars questions you need answered straight from the source? If so, post your questions in this thread in our forums, and with any luck, you'll get your answers next time!
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