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Happy Life Day Rebelscum! The holiday shopping season is so close that even a stormtrooper could hit it! We wanted to offer some suggestions for the Star Wars collector in your life, or maybe you want to cheat off of our list for ideas of what to put on you own? Of course you've been keeping your "Wants" list up to date in our free Collectors Oracle app, right? Share that list with your friends and family to help them out when they're shopping for you!

Nick Napoli equiped his holiday sweater and put in the work compiling some of the coolest gift ideas for any Star Wars fan. For more from Nick Napoli, check out's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

by Nick Napoli

Jazwares Micro Galaxy Squadron

Didn't think we noticed how much you love the Galaxy Squadron series? Well we did, it's ok, we love it too. Which is why we think it's the perfect gift to put in a stocking....probably out of the box.

See the Inquisitor Transport Scythe here.

Fly away with us in our look at the Falcon.

Regal Robot

We continue to be surprised and elated with the newest pocket sized items from Regal Robot. Both pleasant in price and detail, these are ideals for the stockings of Star Wars fan in your life.

See the new Mythosaur magnet here.


Hallmark has been at the crossroads of Star Wars and the holidays for more than 30 years. We were blown away by their latest additions this year, including that amazing ESB ornament.

See the SDCC Hallmark Booth tour here.

Jumbo Figures

We might be biased but we don't care, Jumbos are amazing. The perfect way to get some classic characters and classic imaginings. What a great year it has been for Jumbos with some amazing figures and more on the way.

Hit the beach with the trooper of the year.

And our look at the return of Droid Factory R2-D2 in Jumbo form!

Hasbro The Vintage Collection

Hasbro's Vintage Collection line continues to dominate the collector oriented landscape in the 3.75" space. This has been a big year for all aspects of the line including an amazing new playset but also the emergence of a HasLab and several new Disney+ series characters.

Sabine brings some style back to the galaxy in here latest debut.

Chewie arrives with some backup firepower in this special ROTJ set.

Hasbro Black Series

What has become the gold standard in detail and design, the Black Series continues to dominate the collecting space. Featuring characters spanning all eras of the franchise, including the occasional surprise from video games, comics, and books, this line just about has it all.

Check out the amazing Starkiller box set.

Celebrate the collector of the Star Wars universe with a Dok-Ondar figure.

Beast Kingdom Egg Attack

Small in size but not in detail, these little guys pack a punch. Featuring some cool design elements, and fun accessories, this line is expanding to capture a variety of aspects from the fandom.

Keep it fierce with the Arena Fett Egg Attack.

Everything to see here with the new Luke and Hand Stormtroopers.

Gentle Giant/Diamond Select Toys Gallery Dioramas

Ok we know this is not a figure, but these gallery dioramas really enhance your display. Featuring amazing design and details and a really modest price point, there is great value in these little gems. We just wish there were more in the Star Wars line.

Kick it old school with Bastila Shan.

Denuo Novo

The gold standard of cosplay, Denuo Novo boasts some screen accurate costumes and accessories for the die hard fan in your life. Getting some big energy off the product line this year including that great classic Stormtrooper set. Please note that the newer items are preorders and will not be available in time for the holidays. Feel free to check out their site for what is in stock but there is also nothing wrong with securing a great item for someone ahead of time as a gift this year.

See the Classic Stormtrooper armor set here, for formal occasions.

Don't forget that awesome Snowtrooper helmet to help keep your warm in the coldest of winters.

Hasbro Black Series Role Play

Another great line of cosplay elements that are more wallet friendly consists of Hasbro's assortment of helmets and lightsabers. Featuring amazing electronics and design elements, these are great for display, play, and cosplay (all sorts of ays).

Join the crowd with this great Phase 2 Clone Trooper helmet.

Decide your own destiny with Luke's ROTJ lightsaber.

Box Lunch

Going to refer to this as cosplay light, but a great way to display costuming elements without going full cosplay. BoxLunch has a line of character inspired clothing and accessories that capture the spirit of your favorite heroes and villains.

Check out Heather's look at some choice Ashoka looks.

EFX Collectibles

EFX continues to feature some well-engineered cosplay elements and some really high end props (like the awesome animatronic Grogu). These will set you back a lot more than similar designers but they are superb and feature some uniwue takes that you cannot get anywhere else.

Check out the latest look at EFX's offerings in our SDCC booth tour.

Gentle Giant/Diamond Select Toys Milestone and Premier Collection Statues

The impressive gold standard of statues from the galaxy far, far away. Featuring characters from nearly all mediums, premium design elements, and even lights, these are certain to impress the discerning collectors in your life.

Harmonize with Grogu in this great milestone statue.

Have your father and son moment with this premier collection statue of Din and Grogu.

Regal Robot Maquettes

Regal Robot offers an assortment of high-end goodies that capture some of the coolest aspects of creature design and the film production process. These concept maquette are amazing and unique pieces to own from the Star Wars franchise.

Tremble at the latest maquette featuring the Rancor.

Gentle Giant Legends in Three-Dimensions

Are you surprised that Gentle Giant is on here this many times? You shouldn't be after seeing all the great stuff we've shown you. This half scale busts are simply fantastic and a great way to showcase some fandom in a big way.

Stay alert with this Stormtrooper bust.

Make your return to glory alongside this Boba Fett bust.

New Zealand Mint

Not exactly new but we have not spent a lot of time covering this licensor in the past and it is a shame because we saw some amazing products when we visited them at Toy Fair. These items might set you back a bit but they are highly collectible and are equally as much as an investment as a purchase. The collectibility, rare metals, and even rarer chase elements make these items a force of their own.

See what was on display at New York Toy Fair.

That concludes our list, but by no means is this list comprehensive. We may choose to add some things throughout the holiday season. Did you notice something we missed? Share some ideas you have in the forums!

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