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Welcome back Rebelscum! Today is the day for the debut of Regal Robot's Indiana Jones line! Check out the details below!

Indiana Jones Collection From Regal Robot

Regal Robot’s debut licensed Indiana Jones creations are now available to order and you can find full galleries of each of their incredible new items on their website.

In continuing their partnership with Lucasfilm and Disney, the company is creating Indiana Jones decor, prop replicas and more… all in their unique style.

There are six debut products in Regal Robot’s Indiana Jones line, you can order all of them starting now!

This wave showcases just the first of many new items in this line. Much like the company’s Star Wars™ creations, they’re making decor, furniture and direct lineage prop replica artifacts as part of their expanded Archive Collection. These will be made-in-the-USA, most will be hand cast, hand painted and distressed to look like they’ve lived a life of adventure!

In true Regal Robot fashion, they’re exploring the various niches and traveling to the exotic corners of this franchise we all love and finding unique elements to bring a bit of Indiana Jones style into your home and lives in new ways… and they look to be having a bit of fun while they do it!

$399 each
Our debut Archive Collection prop replica from Indiana Jones™ is the Nurhachi Urn from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom™. Featured in the exciting opening of the 1984 film, the urn is a pivotal prop in the Club Obi-Wan sequence. Made to look like ancient jade, the urn in the film is sought by the gangster Lao Che™ who claims it holds the ashes of “Nurhachi, the first emperor of the Manchu dynasty.”

Our replica artifact was scanned directly from the original hero prop used in the film. Like that prop, the top is removable and our replicas are cast in the same style of translucent polyurethane resin. They are painted with layers of color and aging to help create an antique jade look.

This edition includes a hand-numbered metal plaque and has outstanding lineage and a direct connection to the original film artifact.

Each approximately 6.5″ tall prop replica comes with a beautiful 4.75” diameter stained walnut hardwood base and is hand packed in a gloss black box with die-cut foam insert and COA. 100% made in the U.S.A., every replica in this edition is meticulously hand painted, making each a unique tribute to the artistry involved behind the scenes of this classic adventure!

-Limited, numbered edition of only 150 pieces
-1:1 scale to the original prop
-Part of our Archive Collection, scanned from the original film prop
-Includes elegant, hand-numbered metal plaque
-Includes wood display base
-Hand painted, making each a unique work of art
-Made in the U.S.A.
-Includes Regal Robot COA
-Special up-to-6-Month Payment Plan (with adjustable down payment and length options) available! See here for full payment plan details
-Numbers will be allocated based on the order checkout is completed
-These are currently in production and will begin shipping in late Summer 2023, continuing in small waves after that

Continental US shipping is $24.99. Additional shipping fees will be due after checkout when shipping to AK, HI, Military bases outside of the continental US, Puerto Rico or Guam. Please feel free to contact us before ordering for a shipping estimate.

At this time, Indiana Jones™ products may only be shipped to addresses within the U.S.A., Puerto Rico, Guam and US Military Bases.


Peru 1936 – Indiana Jones™ and his guide, Satipo™ have made it to the inner sanctum of the mysterious Chachapoyan Temple, where a gold idol sits atop a stone pedestal. Sensing another trap, Indy carefully swaps the idol for a bag of sand, which seems to ward off any trouble… if only just for a moment!

Our Golden Fertility Idol and Pedestal magnet two-pack were inspired by the dramatic opening of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark™. The idol is painted in bright gold and the pedestal has hand-painted distressing and accents.

Designed, prototyped and produced in the USA, each magnet is cast in solid resin and hand painted by our artists in our New York studio with distinctive faux finishes. They ship ready to display.

Add this great new magnet to your collection, home, office, man-cave or fridge!


Peru 1936 – Indiana Jones™ and his guide, Satipo™, enter the mysterious Chachapoyan Temple. Indy examines the ground and tests a suspicious shape on the stone floor, trigging an ancient trap and sending a dart flying from the mouth of the face on the wall, striking the torch in front of their eyes!

This magnetic mini sculpture two-pack includes both the stone wall face and Indy’s torch with the dart embedded in its top. Hand painted stone and aging accent the face, while warm brown tones and silver realistically color the torch magnet.

Designed, prototyped and produced in the USA, each magnet is made from solid resin and hand painted by our artists in our New York studio with distinctive faux finishes. They ship ready to display.

Add this great new magnet to your collection, home, office, man-cave or fridge!


Peru 1936 – Indiana Jones™ and his guide, Satipo™, enter the mysterious Chachapoyan Temple only to discover ancient traps set to befall anyone who might disturb the treasure within! Indy carefully avoids floor triggers to safely get to the idol, but in his haste to leave, he runs through the alley again, triggering the traps as darts fly from the walls as he races to safety!

This impressive, three-dimensional sculptural wall decor is inspired by the dynamic opening of Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark™. Roughly 15” square, it’s the same size as the original set dressing from the film. With over 6” in depth, this is a high-relief stone-look sculpture that feels like it came right out of the movie!

Each made in the U.S.A. wall decor creation is cast in nearly 5 pounds of polyurethane resin and then hand-painted with realistic stone accents and aging. They even have faux moss embellishments for a truly realistic, ancient feel.

They ship ready to display. Bring some Indiana Jones adventure and style to your home theater, living room or office!


This highly detailed embossed metal art plaque uses classic, vintage art based on the earliest concept art for the first Indiana Jones™ adventure, 1980’s Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark™.

The classic conceptual artwork features the early concept of Indy in an Incan style temple, facing off against one of his greatest adversaries… snakes! The uniquely styled art for this wall-hanging plaque was developed with original Lucasfilm image assets.

Celebrate your love for the character with this truly unique decor piece for fans in-the-know.

This plaque features high quality printing on embossed aluminum to accentuate the details of this classic art.

Like all pieces in this line, ships ready to hang! This bold wall décor piece is approximately 16″ wide and made in the U.S.A. It’s a great way to bring a bit of Indiana Jones style to your fan cave, kitchen or office!

$34.99 (canvas only) $119.99 – $159.99 (chair, depending on size)

Looking to bring a little bit of that classic Hollywood flair to your living room, bedroom, office or home theater? Regal Robot is proud to bring you the official Indiana Jones™ directors chairs.

Use our the drop-down menu to select the chair size you’d like, or, if you’ve already got one of our director chairs, get the canvas-set only to refresh your style with some adventure!

ORDERING A FULL CHAIR – They’re available in three heights and each chair features sleek, straight-line legs with a paddle arm, finished in a low-VOC clear varnish for a natural wood look. All of our directors chairs are made in the USA from quality American Beech hardwoods and feature hinges that make it easy to fold the chair up for moving and transport, or simply to store flat when not in use. Pricing/shipping will adjust accordingly when you use the drop down menu to choose one of three seat heights: 18” standard dining chair height, 24” counter height and 30” bar stool height. 24″ and 30″ models include a footrest for comfort.

The chairs come with a canvas chair back in a rich brown tone with printed Indiana Jones logo made with art from the Lucasfilm image archives. It’s printed on heavy duty canvas fabric, with a matching colored seat.

CANVAS ONLY – Already have one of our director chairs? Use the drop-down to select “Canvas Set Only” and you can refresh your style with a new look for just $34.99! These swap-out canvas backs and seats pair with our director chairs in all sizes. Note, when ordering canvas sets only, the wood chair is not included.

What's something else from Indiana Jones that you'd like to see Regal Robot take a stab at producing? Let us know in the forums!

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