Posted by Jay on February 7, 2009 at 08:41 PM CST
Well, it is a comic-con, so naturally, there's going to be info on comics. Firstly, panelists Randy Stradley, Jeremy Atkins, artist Jan Duursema, Scott Hepburn and Ramon Perez let fans know some of the new directions that Legacy would be taking, including Cade's visit to a familiar planet, famously known for Skywalkers.

Knights of the Old Republic continues, with returning artist Brian Ching, as Zane roams the galaxy with Gryph, Slyssk, Jarael and the others.

Fans hungry for Dark Times, can catch the 2nd half of the online prequel to "Blue Harvest," the next arc in the popular series at MySpace Dark Horse Presents. This monthly series will return in April.

Unfortunately, Rebellion will not be continuing, with issue #16 having been it's last. The team found that the book was getting into continuity heavy territory, and would suffer more than it would posper.

But that's the only bad news. As you may have read, July kicks off with a new series called Invasion, which occurs during the New Jedi Order timeline. It also starts off with a two-part online preview that will debut in May on

Then, starting at the end of February, The Old Republic � Threat of Peace starts as a bi-weekly online comic at This series will be the lead in to the game, bringing fans and everyone else up to speed on the events and characters of the game.

Finally, and you may have heard of this, is the Star Wars Adventures digest, which starts with "Han Solo and the Hollow Moon of Khorya" in April. This all ages comic provides classic trilogy adventures in a compact size.

So, as you probably can tell, there's plenty coming from Dark Horse this year (including, might I add, a Free Comic Book Day issue on The Clone Wars). Don't let anyone tell you different!