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Do you expect that we'll ever see a "spirit" of Qui-Gon Jinn?

No, considering he never appeared in spirit form in the either of the movies, I honestly doubt we will ever see this figure. That could change if he some how turns up as a spirit in the animated or live action television projects (or the Ultra Special Edition of Return of the Jedi), but that's about the best chance this figure would have.

I come to this site daily and love everything about it. It has greatly furthered my Star Wars and collecting knowledge. But I have two questions I have been dying to know. Because I missed it the first time, do you think there will be any chance that Hasbro will re-release Anakin's modified Jedi Starfighter for 3 3/4"or is this one lost in hyperspace. The second question is non-toy related. I have been trying, but cannot get any affirmative info on this Star Wars TV series. Is it live action or animated and if animated, is it from the same creators of the Clone War cartoons? Where might I find more info on this?

Anakin's Clone Wars Starfighter could show up again, but I'm guessing its chances are pretty slim. If that particular vehicle shows up again in the animated series I'm sure Hasbro will take advantage of the mold they have for it. Question is, will the new animated series pick up during a time before the ship was destroyed? I'm guessing no, and I'm guessing LucasAnimation will stay clear of any concepts created by Cartoon Network; i.e. we'll see new vehicles and pre-established vehicles only. Still, there's always a chance - it just doesn't look very likely right now.

There are two Star Wars television series "planned," one animated and one live action. The animated series, being handled by Lucas' new animation company and not directly associated with Cartoon Network, is in early production for a release sometime in 2008. There isn't a whole lot of info out there on this show just yet, give it some time. The live action show has been talked about, there definitely appears to be a plan going forward on it, but they are a ways off from beginning production on it. My guess is Lucas wants to get through Indiana Jones IV before starting this project.

I know the pack-in holograms have been cancelled for this year, but I still fear they may come back next. Any chance that a more useful pack-in, like Star Wars minis, might be included? For those who collect minis, it would offer a chance to build 2 collections in 1. For those who don't, they would be about the same as the holos, anyway.

Once Hasbro has moved beyond any given pack-in they rarely go back to it. I don't expect Hasbro to bring the hologram figures back in 2008, but I can't say for certain they won't. As for Star Wars Miniatures; Hasbro included them in an assortment of the Unleashed line at one point, they only included one type of figure though, it wasn't all that exciting… If they felt the Miniature Game need a little boost, they could go that route, but something tells me it's not in the stars. Considering the extensive catalog of MicroMachines that should still be available to them, that might not be a bad pack-in for 2008, but we'll just have to see what Hasbro comes up with.

I just read the French Hasbro catalog figure list, and, at this point, it looks quite impressive. It looks like Hasbro has definitely taken a hint - WE WANT EU!!! I'm REALLY looking forward to the "Concept Figures" too (my top vote for the fan choice figure idea was the white McQuarrie Boba Fett). But with all that said, I am left a bit confused. What the heck are these "Force Unleashed" things they mentioned? Are the normal figures? Do you have any guess? And I also noticed Jango on the list. Any chance we could see him SA this time? I think it's a great idea, considering all these second rate kit-bashes of him we've been getting.

Word around the water cooler is that these "Force Unleashed" figures will be based on the upcoming LucasArts game, set between Episodes III and IV. You might recall the trailer that was shown last year around Comic Con; it looks freakin' amazing and these are most likely figures from that game (like Hasbro did before with Shadows of the Empire).

Jango; with all the new figures coming out, I have a feeling the Jango listed will simply be another repack, but we'll just have to wait for more info on it before we know for certain.

Is there a possibility for Hasbro to create an accurate sized Jabba's Sail Barge? I know of modelers you have attempted to create one, and it's quite amazing. I'm thinking, due to its massive size in order to fit most 3¾" figures (not to mention Jabba himself) it might be a bit costly for them. But we have the AT-AT and it's quite big. A suggestion though is to split it into three parts that you can assemble and you could pack each part with a character (2 to 3 would be great) from ROTJ. What do you think? -alan and rochelle

While there are always possibilities, I have to think the chances for a 3¾" Sail Barge are very, very slim. Big vehicles these days show very little return on investment, Hasbro has said over and over again they just can't justify the expense. The AT-AT is a totally different story; tools for this vehicle were originally created back the 80's when toys this size were more feasible. Had the Sail Barge been tooled up back then, I'm sure we'd already have had a couple releases in the modern line. As for the Build-A-Vehicle concept; we can't even get Hasbro to come around to re-releasing the vintage Death Star one level at a time, there's no way they would consider this for a completely new toy.

What Vintage figures will Hasbro be releasing this year? -Rob

Funny you should ask; according to this VOTC Stormtrooper will make a return visit; it will be interesting to see if the cardback on this figure is different that the original release. As far as I'm concerned, Hasbro could score some major "cool points" if they put this figure out on either a Star Wars or Empire Strikes Back card this time around.

Is anyone else having trouble finding waves 8 and 9 of the saga collection and all of the new titanium series?

As near as I can tell in my area, retail is still trying to catch up from the holidays. While there are a few things here and there, there is very little new Star Wars product hitting the shelf at this time. I'd guess the situation is the same all over, just give it a little more time for the product to filter out to the stores.

Whatever happened to the Star Wars Operation game? Was this idea just scrapped or is it still in development? Also, will there ever be a Qui-Gon Galactic Hero figure or any of the characters from Episode I?

The Star Wars (Darth Vader) Operation Game was actually the brain child of our very own Dan Curto; just his little way of celebrating April first. Although, when you look at the Marvel Spiderman Operation Game, you really have to wonder what's taking Hasbro so long to make this happen. Bottom line it was our little joke, but how obvious does something have to be before Hasbro jumps on it.

Again, why we haven't gotten a Qui-Gon Jinn/Jar Jar Binks Galactic Heroes 2-pack is beyond me. I let my three boys watch Episode I for the first time a couple weeks ago and each of them asked me if 'they' made Jar Jar or Qui-Gon Galactic Heroes… For as much as adult fans hated Jar Jar, kids seemed to like him and given the focus of the Galactic Heroes line you'd think Jar Jar would have been included by now. My guess is they are coming, but we'll just have to wait a bit longer.

Is the 30th Anniversary Vader with the Coin Album an Internet exclusive? I ask because, I don't see Vader listed as a figure in the fist wave. Next question(s)... we all have seen some lists of upcoming figures. I know that things change and these are only best guesses and rumors. But, the young Ithorian (Roron Corobb) and the tattoo Anakin that may or may not be made going to be in the animated format? Or, are we getting a Foul Moudama makeover? I would love to see more of the animated figures. There's a whole list of ones they could make. At least give us a chance to get the Wal-Mart three packs. That was a big screw up...I never saw those in any of the four Wal-Marts near me. Sorry for the rant. -Brett

I don't believe the #1 Vader with Coin Album is exclusive to anyone, it's probably just shipping in its' own assortment - not with the regular basic figures. Regarding the Ithorian and Anakin figures, they will most likely be 'Foul Moudama-esque' makeovers. Hasbro has pretty much said any Clone Wars figures they do from this point on will be in the realistic style - they're just a better fit with the rest of the line. I wouldn't hold my breath for a re-release of the Wal-Mart Clone Wars 3-packs; maybe Hasbro will make these available again, but I'm thinking it could be awhile.

The upcoming Ralph McQuarrie concept art figures are already becoming highly anticipated. Is there any chance we will see a box set collecting these figures together? -Andy

I would not expect a box set this year, but who knows… Hasbro could very easily box a few of these up in a kind of Ralph McQuarrie Battle Pack at some point in the future. Still, I wouldn't wait around for something like that…

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