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Here's a question that even Hasbro will not answer for me.

It's obvious from the errors and variations out there that Hasbro has at least two plants in China where the figures are produced, on top of that the packaging errors with their misspellings.

First part of the question, regarding the packaging, Does Hasbro, here in America, design the packaging, then send the digital file to China, or however the media would be sent, or do the China plants create the packaging themselves? (which is the only reason that I see that the apparent misspellings could happen)

Second part of the question, how many factories in China are dedicated to producing the Star Wars line, and are other Hasbro lines of toys made at those same plants?

Third part of the question, after the figures are created and shipped back to America, it always seems that the East Coast tends to get a wave of figures weeks before the West Coast sees them. Does the ship from China deliver to the Hasbro plant in Rhode Island where the figures are then distributed to Target and Toys R Us, or does the ship go the short route to the West Coast, and the figures get transported either back to Hasbro, or to a distribution center elsewhere to be sent out to the retailers? -Joshua B

It's my understanding that the design is all done here in the U.S. and sent overseas for printing/production. The errors are most likely just a result of carelessness at the printer, not necessarily carrying out the approved design specs. At least that's what I've been led to believe.

I know it's more than one; all other information on that topic has been restricted. Seriously, while Hasbro has alluded to having more than one production plant in the orient, they have never divulged exactly how many, where they are, or what lines are being produced where. Those are pretty much trade secrets if you will, we'll probably never know these details.

How the product makes it from point A (the orient) to point B (U.S.) is anyone's guess. Depending on which facility it ships from and the method of shipping, it could end up in any port on either coast. We've always heard Hasbro has/uses a distribution center in the Seattle area, but that need not be the case with every shipment. Once landed, where the product goes from there is anyone's guess. Different retailers have different distribution centers all over the U.S., they could very well have regional center after that that hold the product before it's sent to the store level. Where the new figures pop up first has less to do with which port they originally came into as it does with the efficiency of the specific retailer's distribution system.

Looking at the Boba Fett 300th figure and I noticed that the figures were numbered specifically, any chance of an updated list?

Probably not, at least not in the near future. We might see an updated list from Hasbro if and when the line reaches another major milestone, say the 1,000th figure, but then again maybe not. I distinctly remember this list being called into question by a number of fans, next time around Hasbro may just opt to ditch the whole list idea and save themselves the headache. I don' think I could blame them.

Is there any chance of seeing the Action Fleet line renewed? The Transformers are on a similar scale but nothing compared to the Action Fleet line. Many of the Episode III ships could use a treatment in that scale with a lower price point than the Titanium Ultra. -JB

I'd like to think there's a chance, but I'm pretty sure it would only come after the Star Wars Transformers line has run its course. The two lines are so similar, it makes no sense to have them on the shelf at the same time. After Hasbro has exhausted their ideas of the Transformers, I could see them re-introduce the Action Fleet vehicles, utilizing the molds they already have and covering some of the vehicles they missed from the Prequels. Again, there's a chance, but no guarantee.

I was at Comic Con this year and I remember seeing a few more of the animated Clone Wars Bust-ups on display. There was a Saesee Tiin, and 4 other clone variants I think. I figured they must have been planned to immediately follow Clone Wars series as either series 8 or maybe a new box set. I have not heard anything about them since the con and I just completed my Clone Wars set, so I decided to do some investigating. I checked Rebelscum's coverage from the con and also the coverage from several other sites, but I have not been able to find any photos or info regarding these new Bust-Ups. I have pictures, but they are stuck in limbo on the hard drive of my old slightly broken computer. I was wondering if you have heard anything about them as far as how/ when they will be released.

You mean this set? The Clone Wars Clone Trooper Box Set should arrive in May, and retail for about $25. Looks pretty cool if you ask me, hope that helps.

I wanna know that whether the 30annuel galactic marine figure has ball joint knees or not, and would Hasbro develop a action figure of obi-wan wearing clone armour with just a obi's head and a full armoured body, not the one like in battle packs

Considering the plastic half cloak (?) I can't see where it makes sense to articulate the knees on this figure. I don't know for sure, I'd be surprised if they were, hopefully we'll get a definite answer on that this weekend at Toy Fair.

Slap an Obi-Wan head on a Clone Trooper body… Sounds easy enough, if Hasbro felt there was demand for such a thing it's certainly possible. Still, no word on anything like that coming up. Ask them at CIV…

Have you heard at all if either Hasbro or Sideshow is going to produce a Darth Nihilus action figure, 12-inch figure, or bust? Also, will the Darth Revan figure be released individually or in a pack and will it be an exclusive?

While he ranked fairly high on the Toy Fare magazine survey, I don't think anyone has stepped up to cover this character. I would imagine Hasbro may be taking a hard look at Nihilus for the 2008 line, but that could depend on how well Darth Revan does at retail. Speaking of Revan, that figure and a few other EU favorites are apparently slated for wave 5 of the basic figure line. So, yes, it should be carded and released individually.

With everyone asking for all these obscure figures to be made of characters that have been on the screen for 2 seconds and Hasbro complying with a a portion of those requests (Rebel honor guard for instance), one of the most glaring overlooked figure must be Luke, Snowspeeder pilot. Why so? At this point it would be an easy production since the Zev figure with Snowspeeder is out and all they need to do is stick a Luke head on him.

Does Hasbro have any plans to make environments for the Unleashed 2-inch figures? The started with the Hoth stuff but I would love to see more, especially with the sets coming out in 2007. It would be very reminiscent of the early 80's micro-collection. -Scott

Considering Hasbro includes one or two Luke figures in the line each year, they've done a pretty good job of not over killing the Luke figures. They've spaced them out fairly well and I'm sure given time they will release this version too. Considering it's a simple head swap may mean they'll get to it sooner rather than later; it may also mean they'll save this one for a pack-in with an updated verision of Luke's Snowspeeder (like maybe one with sound?). Give it time; I don't see this one being an obstacle Hasbro can't get around.

I haven't heard of any definite plans; I've heard rumors, but nothing has been confirmed so far. Considering the Hoth set sat and eventually went to clearance is not a good sign. I don't see any shelf space set aside for the line, and that typically mean it will not be refreshed. We may get word out of Toy Fair this weekend, but I'm not holding out much hope at this point.

I have made my rounds on various collector sites, and I seem to get conflicting messages. Please put me out of my misery, one way or the other about Hasbro's plans for next year: 2007 Super Articulated Qui-Gon, yes or no? 2007 Super Articulated Jedi Knight Luke, yes or no? -Derek L

Well, when you say "Super Articulated" I think "Vintage Style," so no on both counts. The only Vintage Luke that's been mentioned thus far is the Bespin Fatigues version - nothing "Vintage Style" for Qui-Gon Jinn. We may see something new at Toy Fair that's not "Vintage" style or "Super Articulated," we'll just have to see.

The tall creature with the white mustache from Jabba's palace; will he be done again

Yakface? Anything is possible; no plans that I'm aware of. I kinda think they might retool the existing figure before ever resculpting a brand new one. Time will tell.

Why is it a signature like thing on Commander Cody's left shoulder armor? It
wasn't in the movie nor on the picture of the Cody figure on his package.

Why is it a C-3PO head in the Super Battle droid parts from the R2-D2 (Rots
- 07)? It sounds a bit awkward that R2-D2 would kill his best pal. /Jens, Sweden

My guess is it's just a little personalized deco from one of the developers, I'd have to ask Hasbro to know for certain.

Good question, I was never really sure what that was supposed to be myself. Again, I'll ask, but my guess is they just used what they had handy to create a "pile of junk."

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